Monday, 10 October 2011

A Sewing Lesson

Not really a quilt related picture I know. Dave, now back from Ghana, asked for a little stitchy help in his workshop/garage. I was able to sew a rubber fuel pipe into a piece of 'old sofa' leather to get a good rounded, full look... using my Bernina baby and the the zipper foot... worked very well! He then described the thread and colour he would like to do the visible stitching, I thought... Perle Cotton... got loads of that, he can have a metre of two, no problem...!
He tried to describe the stitch he needed to make, to get the plane cockpit (yes that is a pilot doll!!!) looking authentic... said stitch had to be sort of double making a sort of loopy thing...
I was thinking... 'sounds like a petal stitch to me'... there are very few embroidery stitches I know how to do, Petal Stitch and Blanket Stitch, Running Stitch, Back Stitch and those 'little knotty things'... so he was lucky!
Those tiny rivetty hole things (technical speak!) you can see are so small that a needle barely goes through them, they're used for Dolls' House furniture... The needle had to be very long and very thin with an eye big enough to take the Perle Cotton.... I showed Dave how to do the... extreeeeeeeeeeemly fiddly sewing, through the rivetty things, wooden cockpit and real 'old sofa' leather... he spent many hours doing it and he's very happy with the results. The needle looks like a banana and the thread has dirty finger prints all over it... hey ho... he's happy and I don't hand stitch any more anyway!... so all is good eh.

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