Angie's Shop

These are the most recent pictures, taken on 9th January 2014

Keep scrolling down for the full story of this most wonderful quilt shop journey... It starts from the very beginning... it's a very fine place to start...

I decided to show you a few before pictures.
As you can see, no electric lights are turned on yet we have great light... very important indeed. This is the area where the goodies will be located, fabrics, notions, threads and things. It's slightly raised with a step, which probably isn't ideal and has a pillar in the middle which definitely isn't ideal but, hey ho... these things are there to stay... The doorway to the right leads to a minuscule kitchen, hmmmm... but it's only for making drinks.
This picture was taken from the middle of the step looking towards the front of the classroom area. There was a wall dividing it up and separating it from the area in the picture above. The floor of Terrazzo tiles looks dusty and dull... it was still totally glued up after the very smelly, very old, pale dusky-pink carpet removal. Land Lady left the black tables for me to use. There's also another pillar, smack in the middle, though this one is not so useless as it has electric sockets, quite handy actually... To the right, you can just about see the side panel to the front door... and bags full of dusters and cloths....
and.... a better view of mop and bucket... this is the back of the classroom area, still with no electric light turned on. To the left you can just make out the wall that forms the loo, kitted out for disabled folks... Big, heavy black door that needs a quilt to cheer it up!
There's been quite a transformation so, once I get chance to take a few pictures, I'll show you what it looks like now... not finished but, up and running... I wonder whether it would ever be completely finished...I'm in no hurry now, the shop is open for business and, most of all, open for fun!
The following 3 pictures show you "in the beginning"...

Very much in the early days... April 2012
 Painted by a team of decorators provided by my lovely land lady... 
Autumn 2012. Doesn't it look fabulous!

And now for some more up to date pictures... March 2013


December 2013... looking even more like a real shop!!! 
Lots of people enter my very own quilt shop and say 
"Wow, it's like Aladdin's Cave in here" and I say
"Oh No It Isn't!! It's Angie's Quilt Cave..." ha ha ha...