JCB Tie Quilt

Sunday 16th October 2011
I was invited to a meeting, a very important meeting... There was talk of them wanting me to make a wall hanging using tie fabrics. They requested that I take in a few quilts to the meeting to show my work...
"How many would you like me to bring? I have about 60!"... I took 10 wall hangings with me... some traditional, some a bit more wacky but all fabulous and lots of different colour combinations. They loved them, they could see I am good at what I do (Toot, Toot, Toot!!) 
The conversation after loving my quilts....
Them... Yes, we would like you to make our wall hanging...
Me... Do you have an idea about the design?
Them.. Oh yes, 6" squares.
Me.. That shouldn't be too difficult (thinking I could have it finished within a week)
Them... We would like a black border too.
Me... Piped with yellow maybe? or just plain black?
Them... Plain black, not too wide.
Me... OK, I'll do it... (thinking 'piece of cake really')
Them... Right, we want it 8 ft square, though we may increase that to 8ft x 10 ft after we've measured the wall!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Here's the box of fabrics... now, how long do you need to do it?....

Holy Moly.... How long do I need to complete this wall hanging???  More than the week I had mentally planned during the meeting, that's for sure!
They need it ASAP. We (they) suggested a target of the end of November... I can only try.
Yesterday it took me 6 hours to tame, sort and fussy cut 3 x 6" blocks of each of the 92 soft, stretchy, silky tie fabrics... luckily they're all new tie fabrics... thank goodness I don't have to unpick and sort out worn ties... so 18 x 6" blocks wide by 18 x 6" blocks long, 324 blocks... I'll keep you informed of my progress, if you're interested.

Sunday 23rd October 2011
"They" decided that the 'Wall Hanging' should be 10ft wide with an 8ft drop... 10 and 8 are small numbers until you multiply by 12!...
120" x 96"... the size of a huge bed quilt, but slippy, slidey, silky fabrics with a mind of their own... I came up with a seriously cunning plan that should help me manage this.
In the photo you will see I have the centre done (9 hours for that) and sandwiched. 14 x 10 of 6" blocks. It took me 3 hours to make the sandwich as it had to be very well pinned to give me maximum stability. I've started quilting this bit. Once it's done I'll make the 3 block wide, 18" borders, quilt them and add them to the main centre with 1/2" sashing... apartment quilting... thank goodness for It at times like this!!!

Saturday 29th October
The centre panel is complete, the bottom panel is too, ready to be added to the main bit... It's getting very big now.
 Here I am sandwiching the top panel. I know we normally pin from the centre outwards but this fabric doesn't like it done that way. I started at one end, making sure I keep things square and level, pushing and holding the excess silky slide-y fabric tight as I pin, because if I don't it springs back up. A blooming job it is! Can you tell it doesn't interest Molly at all! ha ha ha.
This panel is about half quilted at this point, lunch break!
Hoping to piece the other two side panels this weekend, I will be happy to finish the whole thing as soon as I can, it doesn't half make a mess with all the fraying.

Monday 31st October

The top and bottom borders are on. The quilt is so big now that I couldn't get a picture of the whole thing... but most of it is here. The colours show up really well with good light, which you're not having in this picture because Dave and Mike are holding the quilt up touching the ceiling and it drapes over the floor, so the light is blocked out... still, you get the general idea don't ya!
The side borders haven't been started yet, I've cut a few of the squares but life keeps getting in my way. I'm thinking it might be finished over this next weekend... that's if the bolt of black fabric arrives in time... I ran out of plain black but it's on it's way... There are 5 metres in this backing so far and I need 5 more to complete, plus the best part of one metre for the three miles of binding.

Sunday 6th November 2011
It's finished... woooohooooo!
This picture was taken outside as the sun was going down this evening so we needed the flash on, it altered the colours a bit. I had to ask our neighbours to help us hold the quilt up... 'tis a bit heavy, 120" wide x 96" drop... There are 3 of us and we are standing on a small wall. I'm very pleased with the result, I think it looks fabulous, Toot Toot Toot.