Workshops And Events Calendar

In the classroom there are sewing sessions every day.
9:30 am to 4pm... All Day for working on your own projects or
1pm - 4pm Afternoon class.
9:15 - 12:15... Morning sewing session or
9:30 - 4pm... All Day sewing session 
9:15 - 12:15... Morning sewing class
9:30 - 4pm... All Day sewing or
1pm - 4pm ... Afternoon sewing class.
10am - 3pm. Craft Club. All Day sewing, knitting or crochet... for working on your own projects.

What is a Sandwich Saturday?
It's a day when we push the tables together in the classroom so that you can pin (sandwich) the 3 layers of your quilt, no matter how large or small it is, without having to crawl around on the floor and without having to spoil your best dining table with pin and tape marks!
We book sessions in 1 hour slots, between 10am - 2pm, booking is required.
You can also use the tables to lay out the blocks you've made to decide on settings, or to see how many more blocks you need or... even better... to help you choose fabrics!

What do we make as a Beginners Project?
This small project is great for beginners... dabble in all aspects of patchwork and quilting...

Accurate cutting using a mat, ruler and rotary cutter.

Sewing an accurate quarter inch seam allowance with, hopefully, straight lines.

Good general piecing skills with top tips to help with seam matching.

Good pressing technique… a very important skill.

How to make and a small quilt sandwich.

How to quilt and, if there’s still time left we can turn your project into a lovely 18” cushion with my fabulously easy zip inserting method. 

The workshop starts at 10am and we should be finished by 3pm... 

What a lovely way to spend a day... then if you find you are hooked... and that happens a lot... you can start thinking about what to make next.

Saturday Workshops, Sunday Sew-In, Patchwork Parties and Sandwich making dates...

Saturday 17th November Messenger Bag with Carol. 10am - 4pm.
£30.00 plus materials


Saturday 24th November Wearable Sewing with Carol.
10am - 3pm £30.00

Sunday 25th November 9:30 am to 4:30pm Sunday Sewing, Patchwork Party.
A lovely long and luxurious day of uninterrupted stitching. 
Bring your own project to work on and a mug for drinks....  10am - 5pm. 
£20.00 Payable when booking, lunch and refreshments are included

Saturday 1st December Beginner Workshop 10am - 3pm. £30.00 plus materials.
Sandwich Saturday... Booking required in one hour slots between 10am and 2pm. 
£5.00 per sandwich, plus wadding.

Saturday 8th December. Last minute panic to get it done??
We're having an extra sandwich day...
Booking required in one hour slots between 10am and 2pm. 
£5.00 per sandwich, plus wadding.
Contact Angie for more information.

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