Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Important News!!!

Dave is 50 years old today!!
He is away on business at the moment, a crafty move I think!!
But I have a very cunning plan....
Please pop over to his blog and wish him a Happy Birthday?
You might just like to add a 5 and a 0 in your comment... close together they say 50!

Happy Birthday Dave!!


Unknown said...

Hi Angela, happy birthday to you to, you did yesterday didn´t you?
Have a big kiss from your eternal disciple... Miss you...

Helen said...

And a little birdie this morning reminded me that it was your birthday yesterday!!!! Belated Happy Birthday to you too. Sorry

Birte said...

Hi my dear
Belated birthday-wishes from me aswell. Hope you had a nice day and lot of presents.
million hugs and kisses
Love xxxx Birte