Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Cold Feet?

 My very own classroom has Terrazzo tiles and though they do look proper fabulous, no matter how many pairs of socks you put on and no matter how high I set the thermostat on the heating, our feet freeze... I've been shopping for ages trying to find affordabubble carpet but it's such a big room and that makes it rather expensive. One day, almost crying on the shoulder of the carpet shop man in Cheadle, he suggested carpet tiles... I could have some at a very reasonabubble price "if I didn't mind that they wouldn't be the same colour"... not really matching? "Hey Mr Carpet Man... it's a Patchwork shop.... the more colours the better!!!" 200 carpet tiles were paid for and delivered.

Mikie, our very own son and nominated wall painter guy, delayed a little in starting the decorating due to a much anticipated, yet quite unexpected hang-over, so it took longer than expected for us to be able to do the next job... Christmas Day couldn't move so...
Santa's not so Little helper spent all of Christmas Eve afternoon and a very long Christmas Day morning laying carpet tiles... He, Helpful Hubby Dave, had asked me what I would like for my Christmas gift this year, well... I had the 200, not really matching, carpet tiles in a pile waiting for a professional to come fit them for me... first available date was 8th January 2013...
Didn't he do well!!!
Thank you Santa's not so Little helper, I'm chuffed to bits with my Christmas present. I'm sure the ladies and gentleman will be thrilled to bits to be warm and cosy in my very own classroom, in My Very Own Quilt Shop... which will be open for business tomorrow 10am - 3pm, should you need any fabrics or just want to see my beautiful Patchwork floor!

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Sheila said...

The perfect carpet for your classroom. What a great Christmas gift. I'm sure everyone will be enjoying it. Have a great New Years!