Sunday, 4 October 2015

Real Life...

So, you must have noticed there's not been much of the usual quality of blogging from these here parts this week... It's been a strange week for one, two, three, four five and counting... reasons.
Lots of little things all added/add up to a tornado of stuff whizzing round in my head.
It's almost time to shout... "Stop the world, I need to get off for a bit"
My parents' home was burgled while they were on holiday last Sunday in the early hours, so I've been doing lots and lots of to-ing and fro-ing with CID, police, forensics, phone calls galore... insurance quotes with window folk... cleaning everything ready for my parents to return.

Then in my own home... Electical domesticals breaking down, now that's an almighty palava because, not only did we have to replace 2 majorly useful electrical domesticals but the floor covering ripped it's very own self quite badly, so we had to replace that too... Timing was everything!
Himself, Helpful Hubby Dave, has been on holiday from work this week.... real TRAUMA!! Disruption all round here, I am used to him traveling the world all the time  only having him home for a day or two only every other week... I've had to share everything!!!!

Whilst on holiday, he decided to be very useful... Cleaned all the windows, inside and out. Jet washed the paths... lovely. Then...he decided to paint the garden fence and the shed in a lovely shade of green, as requested by my very own self... Oh Dear.., as I have mentioned a few times... the man is colour blind... I have wrap around, dark brown fence panels with dark brown leaves growing over it and a dark brown shed! Molly has dark brown spots on her legs!

I've had a bit of a fall out with one of my suppliers over the Sewline products... Not the first time either... That's why they are all on offer in my shop, when the stocks have gone... no more!
Fabric is rolling in and there's no-where to put it!.. There's a shipment arriving on Monday too..That's happy stress though... I think!
All is, hopefully, getting calmer... though the vehicle is making funny noises now, he's out now trying to figure out what's going on there.

It would be good to put a line under this week and to be able to start again fresh today...
Mum and Dad came home. Dave goes back to work tomorrow. The electrical domesticals are installed and working... and it's Sunday... lets see how it goes.
First job, after a few of MY chores of course, is to tackle that blooming stretchy fabric, Kate Tunic!!!

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Helen in the UK said...

Oh my goodness, sounds like everything really ganged up on you this week! Glad to hear you are getting things sorted and sounds like you are managing to keep your sense of humour ... all you can hope for really following a week of disasters :)