Saturday 30 November 2013

Stitching News

Stephanie Iceland popped in to show us her second, fabulous Hunter's Star quilt.
She chose a Friday in particular knowing Dotty Maureen would be there to see it, Dotty had taught the workshop that Stephanie had attended.
What a stunning design the Hunter's Star block makes
Joan The Shop was very relieved to have her tree skirt finally on the right track... we're having to improvise with the making it and, fortunately, it's working out, even with fingers crossed! Looks great now though eh! 

Joan The Shop had to do a last minute dash to finish her Advent Angel.
 There's a lot of 'bling' on this little lady, as requested by the little lady Joan's making it for.
I hope you all managed to finish your Advent projects?
Lyn Scatterpin very carefully presses her seams... she lays her giant blocks on the pressing board (not an ironing board!) to figure out which direction the seams need be pressed to.
My new pressing station is brilliant... and so say aaaall of us!
Dam Julie (who always builds a dam of patchwork paraphernalia around her chair) trimmed up 12 of her 36 blocks, sandwiched and quilted them. They will be joined together with the apartment method to keep everything to a manageable size... 3 quilts need to be finished for the sewing prevention season... Go Julie!!

After making a few more fabulous fabric postcards to ease her into the day and the task ahead... Michelle My Belle spent her afternoon quilting this giant commission quilt... such a bright and happy quilt, it makes you smile just looking at it... with a wow!

To say that Barbie is pleased with this quilt top is, most definitely, an understatement. She claims that it's a fluke that it turned out to be so beautiful... I don't think we believe that though, do we? She's finding hidden talents since she got her lovely new Juki HZL f600
Message from Joan The Shop.... there's still time to order one Derek!
When there's not quite enough fabric to make the back wide enough what do we all do in very own classroom? We make beautiful pieced backings... Barbie loves making these braids... add a ladder of left over greens and that makes a lovely feature, she will add two 22" to strips of creamy cream to either side of this centre and the backing will be perfect... almost as lovely as the top.

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