Sunday, 2 August 2020

The First Three Weeks... Quilty Quarters

This is something I was going to blog about at the end of April but I was so busy painting and grafting on my new Quilty Quarters that I forgot. I found these pictures in my perfect purple camera along with those in the last post. So, better late than never, I'm doing it now.
You will remember that lots of NHS staff were being called back to the front line at the beginning of our Covid 19 battle. I was out on Thursday evenings clapping tearfully with everyone giving our grateful thanks to our warriors.
A close family member to my Lilly, had worked for many years in ICU but had recently taken a career change to a different, calmer department. Obviously she too got called back to her old ICU department. Lilly relayed information to me, about how frightened all the staff were, worried not only for themselves but for everyone they know. It was so much more worrying hearing it from Lilly than from the news bulletins, and they were bad enough to watch... My applause seemed so empty, I was bursting to do something more.. 
If you are a quilter this might make sense to you... I really wanted to make a quilt to gift, to say a proper thank you. Obviously, I would never be able to make a quilt for every NHS member!! So my victim was chosen, I had a focus. and boy did I focus!! 
I asked my Lilly for a few details... floral or wacky? girly or bright? modern or traditional?... it's a bit more tricky when you are making a quilt for someone you feel connected to but you don't actually know much about them!
The answer... Quite girly, floral but loves lots of colours... I think this fit the brief!! 
I had one of my Floral Angie's Six Packs at home, they follow me up from my shop you know!!! and I had a Tilda Charm Pack (a sample of the fabric range) So I framed the 5" squares with a lovely, solid off-white to make them all up to 6"... the rest is a bit obvious

It took a couple of weeks from start to finish.
All day, every day... with nowhere to go, no-one to talk to.
No schedule to keep... lots of PMS (Pleasing My Self) it was quite easy really.

A mixture of Free Motion quilting and Walking Foot Ditch Hopping...
With hearts and loop-itty-loops...

The back.

The label with a little poem waiting to be stitched on.

A quick trip to the Post Office and my work was done. 
I felt so good making the quilt. I had to hope the lovely lady I was sending it to didn't think I was a bit weird for making a quilt... gifting her a home made quilt to say thank you for looking after people I don't know... it does sound strange now... but I loved making it and gifting it... I felt much better for having done it.
The lady received it a few days later, she loved it, she understood my why!... That's all that mattered in the end.

Saturday, 1 August 2020

Stitching News

Over the weeks since my shop was allowed to re-open, I took a few photos, mainly with my phone, as we do these days.These photos though, were taken with my perfectly purple camera but my routine of blogging and picture taking has disappeared so I forgot all about the photos. I finally remembered to bring my camera home to look. 
Brenda Barbara had been busy using up her beautiful scraps. This is a great design for scraps. You can't beat a large, multi-fabric project can you? Unless you don't like playing with scraps, like our Beano. It's this pattern in much brighter and happier colours. Well done Brenda!

I know you have seen this quilt already, it was a floor photo shot. Now we get to give out a toot toot toot fanfare for All Day Di's William Morris prints quilt in it's full glory held up proudly from the photo step... 

This is the back so you get to see how Di quilted.
It's a fabulous finish Di, lovely binding corners too!

This lady came to buy backing fabric for this fabulous quilt top. The fabrics used are a mixture of American and British themes. She had such a lot of fabric left over that we came up with a plan for the back without purchasing any more fabric... yes I know I am a shop and I could have sold her 3 or more metres but she had enough left over fabric to make a pieced backing so that's what I advised, great customer service!!. 

Farmer Lynda finished and gifted her cushion already but I took this picture when she came in to buy the fabrics to make the Llama into a cushion. Such a smart fellow. Lynda's making another Llama now in different colours.

This is another of Our Pam's hospital gifting quilts. They have to be 24 inches in both directions for the unit Pam is supporting.  So we need a toot toot toot fanfare for a beautiful and fabulous finish.

And another from Our Pam. She's always super pleased with the quilts when she holds them up. Made with such care and genuine pleasure... Toot toot toot Pam... But, between you and I, she still has some huge projects on her back burner... Don't be thinking we have forgotten about your piles Pam!! h ha ha

I love this quilt. It is one of the best little projects I've seen using the Peter Rabbit Panel available in my very own shop. The customer used up stash scraps to make up the Half Square Triangle border. It's fabulous and finished, toot toot toot.

Thursday, 30 July 2020

Shop Update

I will/should be in my shop from 10am until 2pm most days going forward.
I've decided to try virtual queuing alongside the appointment system.
That just requires you to call me before heading over to my shop to check on availability so I don't have people waiting outside for over an hour to come inside to choose your treasure.

I'm ready with my face coverings, are you?
This link will take you to an excellent pattern with instructions...
.This link will take you to a YouTube tutorial.

Obviously you can make appointments to shop for treasure outside of those hours, if I can be there for you, I will. 
You will still be greeted with a bowl of hot water and soap and you WILL need to wash your hands thoroughly before entering my wonderful and extreeeemly well stocked shop, wearing your mask of course.
Hope to see you all soon.

Saturday, 25 July 2020

Fabulous And Finished

I'll be in my shop, tidying and pottering, most days now, just between 10am and 2pm. Unless you make an appointment out of those hours, which is allowed.
It's still very much easier if you book a shopping slot as it helps me to keep us all safe!
I've been doing order and collect from a table at the door too, quite strange!
Anyway, we are all in this together so we just have to do, what we have to do... 
Because It is, what It is!! (A regular Beano Quote.)
A while ago All Day Di purchased a Moda Charm pack in the William Morris designs and made a lovely quilt with it for gifting to a very special friend. The trouble was, Di didn't find it easy to part with the quilt! I know that feeling... so, the only way around the predicament was to make a very similar, and just as lovely, quilt all for her very own self to keep... This fabulous & Finished Fanfare is for that very quilt, The Keeper! Well done Di, toot toot toot

The Elizabeth Hartman Unicorn Quilt pattern is still making people very happy... we thought the Unicorns were a phase, like many others, but it looks like they are going to be popular for the long haul.
Yet another fabulous and finished quilt, toot toot toot.

Christabelle made this cushion. I think she made it for gifting but she sent me the picture so long ago that I have forgotten all the details, shocking! (feel free to message me Chris?) Anyway, toot toot toot , it's a fabulous, free-motion quilted and finish project.

Our Carol has been busy playing... she really enjoys playing with fabric, no shock there though as we all do. Carol has made fabric books before so she had a good idea of the end result...

The Makower Alphabet panel was perfect for making the pages... Yes!!! I have more in stock if you fancy making a fabric book like Carol's. Toot toot toot , it might not be a quilt but it's still a fabulous finish.

Farmer Lynda made this cushion. Once again it is an Elizabeth Hartman pattern. Lola. Very detailed instructions that can look a bit daunting, ask Lynda!!! A great success and a second cushion is already on the production line. Toot toot toot Lynda, another fabulous finish!

Rose absolutely loves Tweed fabric. She collects it while away on her travels (when she used to travel of course!!) It gets saved, I mean squirrel's it away, for special projects. Here is one special project. A beautifully made Lap Top wallet. I hope you have noticed the pattern is perfectly lined up. Toot toot toot Rose, a fabulous finish.

Poppy's Nan is the owner of this bright and beautiful quilt. She's been working on it for a good long time and was able to finish it during Lock-Down. Made with carefully selected solid fabrics from my very own shop, most are Moda Bella Solids or Pure Solids by Art Gallery Toot toot toot Janice, a stunning and fabulous.... and finished! project.

Monday, 20 July 2020

Good Morning!

Good Morning to you all.
Obviously it might not be the morning when you get round to reading this, but it's a sunny morning for me right now. This is a long over due blogpost but I have been busying with other things for a very long time.
Since the lockdown happened, some customers have continued to sew and have sent pictorial evidence to me via Whatsapp, I love Whatsapp, it's helped us all keep in touch.
Here are a few of the pictures to give you a little inspiration.

Nuttie has done loads of sewing and in between other projects, like dressmaking, she has continued working on her Crumbs and Mile-A-Minute blocks. All individually quilted and joined together apartment-ly

Jean Hill made a baby quilt.
I suspect it is finished now, it looks like there was just binding to be added.
Baby already arrived safe and well too.

Pam has really enjoyed making more gifting quilts for the hospital.
She's made many now and has quite a big pile.
Pam does love to make smaller projects.

Louise Merlot sent this picture.
The quilt top has been made with two of my Batik Six Packs
 48 carefully cut 6" squares, all ready to be stitched.

This is another of Pam's hospital quilt tops.
The design is one Pam has used many times, like a favourite!

Princess Jackie!! Wowser... She sent picture this to show that she had to make a quilt sandwich on her floor... Not too tricksy, until you try to get back up!!! Absolutely beautiful work, as always with Jackie.

Rose has started a new project and this is one of the blocks.
Isn't it clever how the placement of the fabrics makes it look woven... 

I have a tricky diary day today and all the available appointment slots are taken, but tomorrow... that's Tuesday 21st July, I will be in my shop from 10am until 2pm if you need anything to keep you sewing. Please call ahead if you plan to pop over for shopping, 07807530441... I'll have preparing to do, I need to keep you safe in my shop.

Monday, 13 July 2020

It's All Over!

Just a quick update, 
What a palava it is, moving home!!
You THINK you have everything in hand for a smooooooth transition! 
Oh yes!!!! Really??? Pfffft!
It's done now. I've moved home. 
I still have lots of stuff to find a place for / or to decide whether I really need to keep it.

At least I am back online. Computer wires have been located! 
Phone charger found too... Who put it in a bread crock with the kettle?
Quilty Quarters is looking rather bumble-sale-esque, ha ha ha.

I'm still taking bookings for shop visiting appointments.
Short notice is fine... If I am in the shop and no-one else is choosing or shopping, you can call me to book a quick 'pop in' appointment.

See you soon. x

Friday, 3 July 2020

Closing Down!

I bet that made you look!!! 
I have to close my shop down, for a few days... not for ever, ha!
I'm moving to my new Quilty Quarters...
My shop will be closed on 
Saturday 4th July, Monday 6th, Tuesday 7th and Wednesday 8th July

Appointments will be available from Thursday 9th July when there will be table top opportunities. Items including Kids Quilts patterns, Superior threads, quilt hangers, printed quilting panels and a few Bolt Ends, all solely for stockroom clearance purposes.
For example, Sew Me Something wearable sewing patterns at only £10 each. 

Please remember though...
To enter my Lovely Shop, you must have a pre-booked appointment.
Appointments can be booked at relatively short notice.

If you require anything that does not need "Choosing Time" you can Order and Collect so you won't need a shop entering appointment. 
Call 07807530441 or email your list to 

You can pay by cash or by using your debit card.

Thursday, 25 June 2020

Keeping You Informed

To enter my Lovely Shop, you must have a pre-booked appointment.

If you require anything that does not need "Choosing Time" Order and Collect is possible so you won't need a shop entering appointment. 
Call 07807530441 or email your list to 

For reasons beyond my control, my shop will be closed on Saturday 27th June

My shop will also be closed on 
Saturday 4th July, Monday 6th, Tuesday 7th and Wednesday 8th July

Appointments will be available again from Thursday 9th July
Hopefully, with no more disruption to normal shop hours.