Friday, 20 October 2017

We Have Gone....

It's retreat day...
3 Whole days of stitchy fun with all our needs provided for...
No cleaning, no cooking, no duties at all...
What a way to spend a weekend!!!
My Shop is now closed until Monday Morning.

Catch you later... much later!

Thursday, 19 October 2017

A Batik Beauty

This fabulous and finished quilt has taken just over a year to make. It's all hand pieced and hand quilted, though the customer says the hand quilting really didn't take her long at all. Pfffft! It's her own design inspired by another quilt she saw somewhere... She purchased the Batik fabrics as she went along... and the idea morphed...

On completing the quilt top the customer decided to play with the backing. Popping in for a few extra bits of fabric she realised that there would not be enough of some colours... which, in the end caused a bit of creative piecing... Now though, it's an absolutely brilliant, double sided, Batik Beauty... toot toot toot!

Monday, 16 October 2017

Stitching News

Lets start with a toot toot toot fanfare for this absolutely fab-u-lous and finished 24" cushion made by Chrystal... The extremely popular Pineapple Blossom design in wonderful bright and burnt oranges... wait for the back...

Wow! It's like a completely different project... with only the addition of that lovely sashing fabric all of these bits were bonus leftovers from making the front, a totally toot-a-bubble B side... actually, this cushion is a double A side project. There's a zip under that there middle sashing strip.

No shocker to know that the ladies continue making Pineapple Blossom blocks... they are infectious, each time someone starts new blocks they must tag another person to get started... colours are so inspiring! These blocks belong to Farmer Lynda, and it's her second cushion, ha... I rest my case.

Brenda Barbara is making a kiddie gifting quilt and she decided to use an On-Point setting with sashing and corner stones. She's very happy with the progress so far. On-Point setting needs a little extra concentration really... it's not hard it just looks weird until it is done!!

Beryl is so pleased with her lap quilt that she has decided to keep it all for her very own self... and who can blame her? She loves red colours so really... it was inevitable. The quilting is almost complete, just something simple to do in the borders I think.

Chrystal had been researching on T'Internet, you know... hours and hours of looking at quilt related pictures.. do you do it? I do. Anyway she sketched out her new project and arrived for class feeling enthusiastic and with her project plan... applique time! 

Sunday, 15 October 2017

Fabric Covered Books

Another successful workshop and Jenny has kindly agreed to a further Fabric Covered Books workshop in the new year...
Which is not so far away... just saying!

Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Stitching News

Heather finished two wonderful cushions
They are her own design, influenced by wall paper
They've been made for gifting

This is the fabulous quilting design for the cushion backs

The second cushion... different and again her own art work.
Heather drew this design on paper and foundation Paper piecing was invented.
I know I should say re-invented as we already knew about it...
but Heather is happy thinking she invented the method! ha

Another cushion back. Both have zips!! They run along the seam there at the bottom thanks to Susan... who knows a lot about zips! I watched this new (to me) method too. Toot toot toot Heather, your fabulous and finished cushions are brilliant... but will you still gift them?

Look at the says almost 2pm. One half of Carol's 'On-Point' Kaleidoscope quilt.. looking wonderful. The other ladies thought she had lost the plot in making a triangular quilt top, ha ha ha

By the end of the day... The triangle had a partner and the other ladies were relieved to see a 'normal' shape. Carol was very pleased with her very own self had her smile said it all. Now I have to schedule another Stack-n-Whack Kaleidoscope Workshop for early next year.

Susan had purchased on of my Angie's Six Packs, the blue and white pack.
Lick-etty-Split, it was all stitched together.
Hey... I just noticed the design Susan chose, that is cunning!
Border fabric choosing got a little tricky... that is,
until Susan chose her wonderful Art Gallery backing fabric!
Boom!! I love that green... it gave me goosebumps.

Gail is making a giant Crown Of Thorns block for the centre of her quilt backing... yes, the back! More goosebumps for me... I love this idea and I have to say... so does Gail.
You already know we love to make a fabulous quilt backing don't you.