Sunday, 24 March 2019

Our March Retreat

I can't even begin to tell you what a wonderful few days we had. So much laughter, good food and sewing happened... The weather was glorious, a little bit breezy but truly glorious... I had my bedroom windows open the whole time we were there.

My room looked out onto the back garden of the hotel... so lovely. Actually, the views are lovely everywhere around Alison House. One morning good and early, after a good old scrub in the tub, I was looking out and decided to embrace the good feeling... So I made my coffee, pulled the chair to the window and sat, naked!! with my feet up drinking the lovely hot brew with the breeze blowing in and with birds twittering (though they could have been laughing at the pretty sight, ha!... it was wonderful!! Just what I needed... until breakfast... which was and is ALWAYS wonderful!

I took the perfectly purple camera with me to snap piccies of all the projects we were working on... and/but... as you might expect, I forgot all about it! This is the Garden room where we spend all those happy hours laughing and sewing. It's the Saturday night, just after dinner, before a few of the others came back to sew.
If you ever plan on organising a retreat... not just quilting or sewing, I must tell you that the Alison House Hotel, facilities, the food and the wonderful friendly staff  can't be recommend highly enough. And so say all of us!
We have all been a little low this week.... we were so excited to be going on our retreat, and now we have been!... but ... there is a sewing sunday coming up for April 28th... A wonderful mini retreating day!

Friday, 22 March 2019

Quilt Angels For Uttoxeter Quilt Show

Friday 12th, Saturday 13th and/or Sunday 14th April.

I'm in the throws of getting the Quilt Angel rota sorted.
If you would like to volunteer to don white gloves with a colourful sash in order to protect the quilts from the touchy-feely show visitors, please contact me and I will put you on the list. 
Duty will be for One Hour only, but you may volunteer for more than one session.
My email address is 
Alternatively, you could pop into my rather fabulous quilt shop, and all of it's other temptations...
You will be entitled to a complementary entrance ticket and, hopefully, a thank you.

Thursday, 7 March 2019

Quilty Quarters

It's fair to say that since I opened up my very own quilt shop, there has been very little time for my own projects. Most stitching revolves around workshop preparation and shop sample quilts. A little bit of experimenting "Ooooh that looks interesting, let me see if it works" sewing and "How can I help that lady do that more successfully?" A few commissions have been thrown in to the mix too. 
7 years my bricks and mortar shop has been trading!! Who would have thunk it!! I order the fabrics for my shop in the same way I would shop for my very own personal stash, it's the only way I know how, not being a professional retailer, ha! So every shelf it full of fabric I have a plan for! No wonder I don't sleep well!... all those ideas and creative thoughts wizz around continually. 
Not so long ago I decided to cut some of my 'Six Packs' from ditzy fabrics. They sat there unloved for weeks, so I thought, I will use them, doesn't matter if they are not popular if I like them!!

This is what I made. A Split Hourglass design, with not so Ditsy flowers in my border. Now, I was appliqueing the border flowers on with the trusted and favourite Blanket Stitch, while we were on our Westhope retreat... last year, in May... so that shows you a clue of how long I have been making this project! I finished it on Tuesday this week. Free Motion quilted and Faux Piped Binding... It's hanging up in my very own shop if you would like to see it. Those Ditsy prints look great with a denim blue colour don't they! Toot toot toot for me, for my very own self? THIS is my very own fabulous finish, a lovely shop sample.

The Economy Block... I think this is a much trickier block to make accurately than it's name suggests. The 4" finished Economy blocks have all been made with Moda's latest delivery of French General fabrics. I've added Flying Geese units to the edges, a moment of madness! It's only a little quilt at 20". I was going to make it into a cushion but I have a little table that will be a perfect spot for it when the quilt is no longer needed at the shop to show how lovely the fabrics look together. It's a finish, fabulous or not... Worth a Toot toot toot?

Wednesday, 6 March 2019

Stitching News With Tooting

I might well have declared that I had located the perfect purple camera but that hasn't helped me much with photo taking... people are so fast at packing their projects away that most days I have completely missed out. I don't think they (lovely though they are!) realise that I only have a quilt shop to make my blog more interesting!! I don't even know whether anyone reads it really, but I love looking back at all the project pictures and stories. Did you know that I started this blog way back in 2008? Lots of quilt blog writers have stopped posting, at least the many I have looked at, but I continue... here goes today...

I told you it would be finished lick-etty-split! New Sue wastes no time at all. This is a fabulous and finished gifting quilt and, luckily for us, the recipient has to wait until next week to get it because Sue wanted us to have good toot toot tooting time.... Little Four-Patches are lovely.

This is the back... That Four-Patch strip in the centre was the border on the front at one point... Excellent job Sue, and toot toot too for your fabulous and finished gifting quilt.

One beginner cushion made by a lovely lady called Sheila.
She arrived before the birds with all her paraphernalia...
She learned so many new and useful things... I heard her declare it!

Including a backing with a zip.
Flap made using a leftover strip from making the front.
Fabrics not from my shop!
Toot toot toot Sheila

Sporty Sue came to make her garage found quilt top into a quilt sandwich. I did ask whether Sue had quilted last weeks sandwich yet... such a rude question!! Ha ha ha, anyway... Sue has two quilts waiting to be quilted and has now started another top with 10 inch blocks... but it won't be huge!! We have heard that before!

Chris CAT was adding borders to this lovely teddy quilt. It's a Kids Quilts pattern and Chris has been commissioned to make it. It's a lot of work but look how lovely it is now!! Backing will be next. I feel a sandwich coming on!

Wednesday, 27 February 2019

I Found It!!!

My Perfect Purple Camera... I can't say it was lost because I knew it was here somewhere... I only look for it when I need to take a photo so all the in between times it just stayed 'misplaced'... I've actually found it now, it was in a place that I had already searched several times, duh!
So let's catch up a bit... 

After Gail admitting to finding forgotten quilts in her garage, Sporty Sue felt inspired to search to see if the quilt fairy had left her any unfinished jobs... Tadaaaa! Just like Gail, and inspired by Gail, Sue found a quilt top that she can barely remember making. It will be finished!!

Jean (not Beano) has been joining us for stitchy fun, Friday Quilt Club for a few weeks now. She'd been eyeing up the Beautiful Batik fabrics I have in my very own quilt shop... she eventually lost control of the urge to purchase and is now super excited with what she decided to make... No wonder !!

New Sue came to make a sandwich with her border free quilt top and her Border on the Back backing , I'm guessing this might be finished by now... you know how Sue works... Marathon training!!

Steph came to the Patch Pocket Apron workshop because she wanted to learn lots of things about her fabulous sewing machine, the Juki DZ 7. When we do Patchwork and quilting we tend to stick to the same few machine feet so Steph enjoyed learning just how brilliant this machine is.

Linda came to choose her backing fabric for this kennel of woofers... The pattern is an Elizabeth Hartman  design and is called 'Dogs In Sweaters' and what fabulously smart sweaters they have too. It's actually a doggy sandwich now but, I had no camera on sandwich day.

Monday Judy wanted to challenge her very own self by making a small tray quilt. She wanted to use lots of little pieces as she knows that the smaller they are, the more tricky they can be... They were tricky indeed she says! It's a fabulous Finish now, Toot toot toot

PM Pam made this sweet little quilt top. The Little pink Ballerina blocks are perfectly cute for the job. Pam is making 18 little gifting quilts in all and is well on her way to completing her goal. 24" square quilts are lovely to make....

Another of Pam's gifting quilts... She's having great fun telling people she finished another quilt and another quilt... I'm not sure she mentions that they are all small though... Is that cheating?

This is the back of that last quilt... It's lovely to flip a quilt over to find it's just as cute on the back isn't it... And it's also a fabulous finish so, Toot toot toot Pam.

Christabelle spent the whole morning doing Free Motion quilting on this gifting quilt... meandering all over the place, and she made it look easy.... That's because she practices, and what does practice make??? Perfect... achy shoulders !!! ha ha ha

Gail opted to quilt her second garage found quilt using her Walking Foot and steadily Stitching in the ditch she's getting quite a dab hand at it too, very little ditch hopping!

Rose added all the little filler bits of background fabric to her rows of swans and was able to get them all stitched together... A fabulous, finished quilt top for us to admire. See how Rose has coloured their feathers to have light to dark swans, with a little rebel, dark fellow going the wrong way in a different direction... It's not wrong to be different, we know that!

Monday, 18 February 2019

Uttoxeter Quilt Show

Quilt & Stitch Village
We always call it Uttoxeter Quilt Show... they show quilts and it's in Uttoxeter!!
They have had to extended the deadline date for entering your quilt... 
Yes!!! Just for you...
So it's your lucky day. 
If you missed the last deadline to fill in your form, go do it now.
or print your own using this link... 
Let's fill this show with our wonderful work. 
Don't worry what the judges think or write about your work... what do they know anyway??? 
If you love your quilt, others will love your quilt... I know it.
Paper entry forms will be available in my shop as soon as the postman brings them. 
We can do this!!!! 
You can bring your quilts to my shop before 
Tuesday 9th April
I can take the quilt to the show for you 
I can bring your quilts back to my shop for you.
 If you don't want to read them, I can remover the judges comments for you too.

Just another aspect of the fabulous customer service I am proud to offer!

Friday, 15 February 2019

Stitching News

Let's start with raised fanfare trumpets for Gail's fabulous and finished, found in the garage quilt... toot toot toot! The pattern is from one of the many Jelly Roll books, one that's been around for quite a while, I think it's the sampler one. If you can zoom in a bit you will see that Gail finished off this lovely quilt with a Faux Piped Binding... it's just a perfect finish!

Oh No... here she goes again... Found in the garage quilt top number 2!! Actually, Gail moved house twice during the making of the quilt tops... that's why they were packed up and almost forgotten about... Anyway, life happens eh... at least she's finishing them now.

New Sue and my very good self spent hours mathemising two border strips for this quilt, one for the top and one for the bottom... we eventually had success and they were stitched on... When Sue got home she popped the quilt top onto the bed only to realise that it was much too long, so... she unpicked the two borders!! Blimey, that could have been a waste of time BUT...No, the back of this quilt will be fabulous!

New Sue must be enjoying the Elizabeth Hartman patterns as she is making her way through them all, I think. These Bunnies have all been made with Moda's Grunge fabrics... have you seen just how many wonderful colours are available now??? We love them.

Sunday, 10 February 2019

Stitching News

Jean Bean finished her Dwight The Deer... a pattern from Elizabeth Hartman... he has a new name now though, Dennis.... It's not for us to question the artist though is it, ha ha ha. He just needs a couple of pupils and he will be extremely splendid

Judy used the design from her Gypsy Wife quilt to make this arty farty cushion.... she loves to go off on a tangent and Do the Different! The back is just as different... with a zipped flap of course.

Monday Sheila has decided to finish off all of her unfinished projects. The Kaleidoscope blocks were stitched during one of my workshops... we think around 2014!!! So it is time to Get 'em finished!! Carol has helped speed up the process by free-motion quilting them for Sheila

The Kaleidoscope blocks were going to be made into a huge quilt but now Sheila decided to make lap size quilts and to give them to the Women's refuge that we started to support recently at our Sunday Funday Sewdays. She is such a generous lady.

A perfectly Purple lap quilt also for gifting to the refuge and made by sheila AND Quilted by our Carol... Got to love a perfectly purple quilt!!!

And... another work in progress for our Pam. She's on a mission to make 18 little quilts for a very good reason, I'll tell you about it soon. I will interview Pam and take notes so I don't have to keep remember-guessing!!