Friday, 29 May 2020

On Monday 15th June

I will open up my shop for appointments only. 
I will review the situation as needed.
Feel free to call me 07807530441 to book a slot. 

If you only require wadding, or anything that does not need "Choosing Time" I'll try to offer Click and Collect so you won't need a shop entering appointment. Call 07807530441 or email your list to 

How I plan to do it... 
Before your appointment, make sure you have been to your very own loo at home before coming to my shop.
When it is your turn to enter my lovely shop, you will wash your hands thoroughly.
You will then be able to do your shopping, keeping a safe distance from me!  

I suggest.....
Make a list of what you think you need. 1 Hour passes very quickly. 
I will not be touching your projects so you must do your very own measuring and calculating.
If you require wadding, you can order it to be cut ahead of your trip, give me the measurements when you book your slot so you don't have to wait for me to cut pieces from the big rolls.

Other info...
Neither classes, sandwich making sessions not workshops are allowed.
I expect they could resume in September. 

I intend to re-schedule all workshops that didn't happen because of Covid 19.
If you booked a workshop and paid a deposit, that deposit will be transferred to the new date.
If you prefer, you can have a credit note to spend your deposit in my shop.
Unfortunately... Village Halls remain closed.
Our June Sunday Fun--day Sewday will not go ahead. 
The July Sunday Fun-day Sewday is also very likely to be postponed. 
All Sunday Fun-day Sewday payments are safe and will be transferred to a later date.

Once my shop is open, PLEASE, call before you come to check on the situation. 
Angie 07807530441

Monday, 25 May 2020

Stitching News

Stitching News is a bit sparce these days, understandable though I suppose. 
We have to do, what we have to do! 
As Beano always says, "It is, What it is."
Norma wanted to make a baby quilt. She's had to dig into her very own home stash for the fabrics, as lots of you are doing. I bet you are all surprised by how much you can make with your stash!! Well done Norma, I'm very proud of you.

My Mum Gwynneth has a book filled with knitted toys.
They are very cute, this is a Topsy Turvy Doll

This is the other way up...
I know it's knitting but it is still stitching!!!
We have to craft with whatever we can.

Stitching of a different kind...  Face Masks,
The new normal?
They do look like bra cups though, ha ha ha

Lots of my customers are making face masks for their families and friends.
They are happy to be able to help out with their stitching.
I'm afraid my shop remains closed. I'm following the rules
I will let you know when I'm allowed to welcome customers back.
We have to be safe.

Wednesday, 20 May 2020

How Things Changed

As I've been out for my daily exercise and shopping for folk, I've noticed that loads of people have had a skip on their home frontage. It's evident that there has been a lot of garage and loft (attic) organising and clearing. That's a good use of time I think. Those are jobs that we tend to put off because of the enormity of the very thought of even starting the task... not to mention avoiding finding spiders!!
My loft is now all sorted... 
In a tin case I found, right near the smaller darker nooks... OK, so I'm lying to you now... really it was my son Mikie who was up in the scary place... I was catching stuff at the bottom of the ladder!
Anyway, in said tin I discovered my very own secondary school reports, amongst lots of other memories.
I had to laugh when I sat and read through them... I could apparently, have tried harder!!! 
My Needlework report was a hoot... How things have changed!

I sent pictures of my reports to a few of the ladies, apparently this very same teacher taught them in their teenage years too. It is a small world. 

Thursday, 14 May 2020

Stitching News

Some of the pictures sent to me by a few lovely customers. 

Rose made this little kiddie sized gifting quilt using all sorts from her very own stash. As you can see it is a fabulous and finished quilt so we can give out a well deserved toot toot toot fanfare. Baby already arrived and loves the quilt, of course.

New Sue finished her fabulous quilt top. It might look like a simple design but great skill was needed to line up all of the details... if you click on the image you will see tiny bits that have been beautifully lined up.... hoorah for pins!

New Sue made this cushion from her left over fabrics... A lovely thing to accompany the quilt. Fabulous and finished so , toot toot toot
Princess Jackie has been stitching... This was a wool fabric kit that some of the ladies purchased quite a while ago, I think from a Pilgrimage to the NEC Festival Of Quilts... it's good to see it being made up. Jackie says she needs supplies to continue. 

Lisa's Mum gifted her some fabric Fat Quarters so she made a little pouch to give back to her Mum. She's quite new to sewing but is proving to be quite a dab hand!! Toot toot toot for a fabulous finish Lisa.

Just before Lock Down we were able to sort out a little sewing machine swap-ery. All Day Di invested in a new Juki DX7 so Enid bought Di's Juki F600 and then Lisa was able to complete the chain by purchasing Enid's Janome, three very happy ladies, especially with time to play! And we need to give out a toot toot toot for Lisa's fabulous and finished new sewing machine mat!

Like lots of folk, Our Lou Lou has been enjoying a little outdoor in the garden time... not toiling with weeds though, just a little bit of crocheting... Toot toot toot for the finished square Lou, it is fabulous.

Sister Susie is impressing her very own self. She found this idea on the inter-web and set about making up the Half Square Triangles. All made from Susie's very own stash... a lovely twirly design.

Face masks, lots of ladies are making face masks. I'm sorry I can't remember who this picture came from, maybe Kate's Lynda? Anyway, we can still toot toot toot for them as they are finished and I'm sure fabulous too.

Jean Hill has been busy making 3D block blocks...
Tumbling Blocks in fact

Jean needed them for her latest baby gifting project, it really is a clever design, giving a 3D effect. Well done on the Y seams Jean.

My Mum Gwynneth has been making loads of face masks.
This is the best tutorial we found 
Video how to 
Pattern to print
At the very same time, Mum's knitting a Topsy Turvy doll.

Nuttie Nutter is making matching sofa cushions with the Dresden Fan design. I'm guessing from the visual evidence that the fabrics are left over from turning up the curtains? Toot toot toot for the fabulous finish Nuttie
Finished in good time for gifting in September, Sister Susie is very pleased with her very own self... It's not often we get ahead with the gifting projects is it. Toot toot toot Susie, a fabulous finish.

Edna started to use up her stash of left over fabrics.
I recognise some of the bits from her past projects.
She got out her block book and made a good start.

But now she had a fall and broke her Humerus, that's not funny is it!! I couldn't help my very own self, ha ha ha... Wishing you a speedy recovery Edna. xx

Rose had a little pouch making marathon. Made from her very own home stash. All different shapes and sizes, aren't they handy, finished and fabulous!!Super gifts for the future. toot toot toot.

No sewing for me... But my beautiful and favourite, but rather worn out, Tunic has been a great painting outfit!
There's light at the end of our Corona tunnel... it's only a tiny pin head sized light, but at least it is there... Hope you are all safely stitching.

Tuesday, 5 May 2020

Stop The World...

I've often declared that I would like to stop the world as I needed to get off.
So my world did stop and I did get off.
I removed myself from the daily treadmill.
It was a good break from routine.

My shop is still closed for the time being because of the virus battle.
But I went and got my very own self onto a different treadmill.
I'm doing a marathon you might say, no running!!!
Just loads of hard graft for an important purpose.
I guess the update is that there's no real update.
My shop remains closed until further notice.
I am busier than ever...
The new Quilty Quarters, coming soon, happy days!

Hope you are all giving yourself time to sew?
We are in this together xx

Tuesday, 28 April 2020

A Pond Of Turtles

I wrote about working to finish this Turtles quilt in Quilty Quarters a couple of weeks ago (Click here if you didn't see it) I forgot to post a Fabulous and finished picture, so there wasn't a Toot toot toot fanfare for my very own self, tisk! 
At the time we were all locked down for three weeks and I was quite content to wait to deliver My Turtle gift to our beautiful, new little man. 
Weeks have ticked by, he's growing so fast, 6 weeks already! 
There's no sign of the end of travel ban yet, don't take that wrong, I am quite happy to conform to rules for as long as it takes, so it's not a complaint...
So, on Thursday last week, I decided to parcel the Turtle Quilt up, along with a pile of 'Welcome Anders' cards still undelivered, and brave a trip to the local Post Office. Luckily for me, I was the only person in the Post Office, so that was a relief.
This special parcel arrived at Lilly's home on Saturday morning, excellent service, and at only £3.10 it was excellent value to boot.
Lilly videoed opening  the parcel for me... oh my goodness! That was such a thoughtful thing to do... I got to share the experience, as near as I could... It was wonderful... happy 'wow's', happy tears, happy, happy, happy. I loved my video. Anders and Lilly loved the Quilt... And here is the beautiful quilt  little man himself!  He looks like he is playing with the turtles in their very own pond and they all have their googly eyes on him!! Bless him xxx

Of course there has to be a label...
We will meet soon...
I hope Anders will be prepared. He'll be squished by everyone.
Weeks and weeks of saved up cuddles... arriving all at the very same time, Oh my!

Monday, 27 April 2020

Stitching News

The best way to start a blog post is with a fabulous and finished fanfare... New Sue finished her monotone gifting quilt. It's a wedding gift, just a little bit late, the wedding happened last November... but these wonderful art works cannot be rushed... Toot toot toot Sue.

Our Carol lost her sewing mojo when we were first told to stay home. Lots of people were left a bit nonplussed with the news at first. Carol wasn't in the mood at all for sewing, until she saw that her skills were needed for making scrubs...

Hats and hairbands... Well done Our Carol. A much needed resource and, as they are all fabulous and finished... you can have one of our special quilty toot toot toot fanfares.

Back when life was the 'old normal', a lady named Victoria came to my shop to purchase gifting fabric to take to the other side of our world. What a lovely thing to do! Judy, who lives on that other side of the world, sent this photo to show us what she made with her wonderful gift of fabric. Thank you Judy, toot toot toot for your fabulous and finished quilt.

Sunday, 26 April 2020

Stitching News

One little pooch from the Elizabeth Hartman collection of patterns. It's called Dogs in Sweaters. Fiona Too has made this design a few times for gifting cushions. Each time she has fun personalising them. This particular gifting cushion needed a more scruffy/less smooth  pooch, so hand stitched embellishing was added 

Pleased with enhanced look on the face, Fiona added stitching to the tail too... just the right effect she wanted. We can't toot toot for the fabulous and finished cushion just yet, although it only has one step to go...

The back is ready, complete with a piped covered cushion flap... But Fiona has no zip!!! What a shame, but a cushion zip is at the top of her shopping list for when we are released.
Thank you for sending the photos Fiona.