Monday, 11 December 2017

Stitching News With Tooting

The best thing about sewing prevention season, in my very own opinion of course, is all the wonderful things that we can, and do, make... This superb wall hanging with all it's wonderful embellishments is a perfect example. New Sue will have very Christmassy walls... toot toot toot Sue, A fabulous and festive finish

Another beauty made by New Sue...Remember I told you about all the huffs and puffs we heard while Sue was making the tiny Ohio Star blocks... boy is she now reaping the rewards... isn't it just lovely... Toot toot toot Sue, yet another fabulous, festive and finished toot toot toot

Brenda Barbara proudly held up this gifting quilt... It's for a special little girl and I am sure she will be delighted to receive it.... There are lots of different fabrics with fun designs so it's a feast for young eyes too... A fabulous and finished fanfare is needed... toot toot toot

We thought All Day Di was rushing to get these cushions finished for her very own sofa to be ready for sewing prevention season... but no!!! She is making them to donate for a rather prestigious raffle at a grand event coming up soon. Oh... and we tried to buy tickets but seems we are not posh enough! ha ha ha

Another Dinosaur block is stuck down... how cute is he! Sister Susie has decided to cut out and stick all the different block designs so that she can right down to the stitching on all of them, at the very same time... smart!

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Tooting Time For Susan

First up is Susan's totally toot-toot-toot-a-bubble, single bed size quilt with colours and fabrics perfect for any young teenager and forward in years. Quilt colours and designs for teenagers are probably the hardest to choose, especially for the young guys... Susan has it spot-on... In my very own opinion, of course.

A musical themed fabric (Art Gallery Luxury to touch!) for the backing and those left over squares tie the whole project together perfectly, the lucky guy is a music lover you see. So, for this Fabulous and finished project we shall toot, toot toot.

During class Susan quilted her very own Six Pack lap quilt, she chose to Stitch In The Ditch... and she's very good at it! (not Ditch Hopping that I seem to be an expert at!) The binding was machine sewn on... and, Lick-etty-split... the hand stitching was done too.

So, just before the ladies all packed up for going home time, Susan held up her second totally toot-a-bubble, fabulous and finished large lap quilt (Large size lap quilt not large lap!! ha ha ha). A blue and white Angie's Six Pack with...

A most wonderful Art Gallery fabric for the backing.
Absolutely fabulous... this one is a keeper!

Monday, 4 December 2017

Stitching News

All Day Di's first, fabulous and finished, festive bunting pillow/cushion Stitched with silver metallic thread, even the applique around the Merry Christmas, making it super glittery... if you can't glitter-up at this time of year, when can you?

Toot toot toot Diane, Finished and fabulous! A carefully covered zip in the backing makes for a perfect addition to any sofa during sewing prevention season.. no 'Toddler Tummy'  cushion backs for us!

Our Carol sandwiched and quilted her festive wall hanging...
She did a great and simple quilting design, this lovely fabric doesn't need fancy-schmancy patterns it's just lovely as it is.

Josie is making for gifting... like lots of my customers. These beautifully, bright cushions will be finished in good time, zipped cushion backs are almost ready and the 'Cushion Stuffers' have been purchased... there will be tooting very soon, if Josie brings them back in that is.

Brenda Duck prefered 'Happy' to 'Merry' and that's just fine, and dandy... you know I always encourage PMS (Pleasing My Self). No 'Toddler Tummy' Backing here..., a zip was inserted and by the end of the day there was binding too.

Fiona Too had all the 'bits' prepared and cut out at home so that she could use my light box to help with the placement of all the little details, and there are a lot! Fiona's made this lovely Santa Stocking before, a few times... babies keep arriving!!

Sister Susie is making this lovely and extremely cute, dinosaur quilt... We decided that it is easier to get all the elements of each block in the right place when the background is smaller... funny how little things like that make a difference. Fabulous fabric choices, don't you think?

There's a bit of secret sewing going on too, as you would likely expect.
Just know that the ladies are very busy... sometimes my little classroom looks and sounds like a little sewing factory!! I did warn everyone last year that I had heard there would be another Sewing Prevention Season.... it must be a tradition in the crafting world... take your time all year, it's ages away yet... then, panic at the last minute!

Wednesday, 29 November 2017

A Rose-y Post Of Stitching News

Rose, very proudly it has to be said, held up her fabulous and finished Foundation Paper Pieced spirally cushion. This project has had Rose reach happy-highs and 'low-fed-ups' but it is now, totally toot toot toot-a-bubble ...

Some of the blocks made by Rose to unintentionally practice her Foundation Paper Piecing technics... nothing need be wasted you see... what a fabulous backing for her cushion... teeny tiny little Log Cabin blocks... just fabulous.

Rose purchased these fabulous fellows as a pattern and kit from our pilgrimage to the Festival Of Quilts in August... and now we are all thinking... 'how did we miss them?' Aren't they Christmassy... and  Fabulous and finished and want-a-bubble!

I said it was a Rose-y post!! With all of those fabulous finishes, it's time to start something new. The pattern was also purchased at Festival Of Quilts and Rose has been itching to make it for all those months... Fabric chosen....

Heat and Bond traced upon then stuck onto the backs of the fabrics and wavy lines, carefully measured following the pattern, cut out and stuck in place... By the time Rose went home the background had been completed and it looks great!

So a few weeks ago we gave a fabulous and finished fanfare for Rose's Hare quilt... it created a lot of  interest. People were inspired! Queen Jacquie was so inspired that she got the pattern and fabrics sorted to make one for her very own self.

 Fran Cupcake's Santa Window... inspiring us all with it's fabulous embellishments...  especially the beautiful beard... Gail want's to make her Santa window all 3D and twinkle-y-bearded too. She had a little bearding practice and the excitement grew!

New Sue has been working on this fabulous festive wall hanging... beautifully stitched and embellished... Quilted too and with binding in place, there's just a little hand stitching needed... I bed we will be tooting this beauty next week.