Sunday, 16 June 2019

Stitching News

Princess Jackie finished her pieced middle panel of Flying Geese units so we just needed a few mathemisms to calculate how much fabric was needed to get it large enough for the quilt backing. 

Gail also needed a few mathemisms on her football quilt project to calculate how much more red fabric was needed for her backing to be big enough... I prefer to lay projects out so I can see whether I mathemise correctly... nothing like seeing it for real!

PM Pam cut out all the little pieces for her next animal, all carefully labelled ready for the building... It really get's quite tricky without labels! I think this animal will be a Wildebeest.

Bargello Wall Hanging Workshop

Tuesday, 11 June 2019

Stitching News

Luna Twearly loves reds, in particular the French General Reds. She's decided to make blocks... all sizes and any design she fancies. All the blocks will be based on 3 and multiples of 3. There will be mathemisms involved... 3 makes that a little bit easier... she's enjoying the challenge, so far.

Merrily is making up this wall hanging. it's a pattern found in a quilting magazine, I think it's British Patchwork & Quilting actually. Not a recent edition, one that Merrily decided to keep in her 'To Do' pile. The Carp have been stuffed with wadding, they look real!

Sporty Sue needs 40cm of borders to be added to each long side of her giant pinwheel quilt... Art Gallery Solids are so very vibrant and play with the Kaffe fabrics very nicely... there is a plan and it involved Clever Mr Black! 

Kate's Lynda purchased a bag of scrap strips recently, I think from Malvern Quilt Show. The strips are just the trimmings from the shop cutting Layer Cake style pre-cuts. Nevertheless, they are wonderful and bright so Lynda made a Quilt-As-You-Go bag with another one prepped... now we all want one!!

Nuttie Nutter added this delightful border to her bright Birdie table topper... with a little quarter inch inner border of a vibrant striped fabric... The backing has been chosen already, so a sandwich making session is iminent. 
On Saturday this week, 15th June, there's another chance to start the Bargello Wall Hanging... It's always a WOW, how clever is that!!! workshop!!
These are two projects from the last workshop...

I will do my best to remember to take pictures!! I promise.

Monday, 10 June 2019

Stitching News

Princess Jackie finished her quilt top.... (Rhubarb and Custard sweets, if you remember me liking the colours!) She's working on a fabulous backing now so it will be sandwiched very soon.

Christabelle is working on a few projects, all at the very same time...
This beautiful Bear project is a pattern from the Happy Quilts book

This is a closer shot... see how Chris in embellishing with her very own embroidery stitches, French Knots included... those flower centres have a piece of wadding under them to make them more phoooophy (it is a word! it must be, I wrote it loads of times!)

Elizabeth Hartman released a new pattern, Spectacular Savanna of course I ordered it. Pam was in my shop when the pattern delivery arrived... She was so excited. This is the giraffe in progress. It's all very clever. Pam had to use her noggin to concentrate. 

Jean Bean is quilting her Hound blocks individually. This pattern is also in the Happy Quilts book... it really is a great book... so many use-a-bubble patterns! Jean will join her blocks apartment-ly, such a popular method at the moment.

Sunday, 9 June 2019

Stitching News...

New Sue is starting us off with a fabulous and almost finished project. It's another wonderful pattern from Elizabeth Hartman. Sue has used Moda Grunge fabrics for the Bunnies, see the binding clips... Sue is saving that job for TV sewing!

Obviously the quilt has been made for gifting to Abigail... What a lucky little (grand daughter) lady she is. A fabulous, almost finished, quilt... just the hand stitching on the binding to go... with fabulous quilting! a little toot toot because this quilt won't be coming back finished.

I'm not sure there are enough colours in this project, what do you think? ha ha ha
Norma loves every single Batik Fabric that she's used,  I think every one is her favourite. Each block has been quilted before being joined...

This is the other side of Norma's amazing Batik quilt, Actually, looking at it now, this is the front of the quilt, the previous photo is the back... ooooh hard to choose which is which actually, just a bit of hand sewing to go... it's nearly finished!

Annbacan is on the home straight with her apartment joined scrappy quilt.
All the little tiny thin strips are really effective and a riot of colour.
Again, each block has been quilted individually.

Norma has only to finish stitching her binding on the Batik quilt so she decided to save that job for home and started her next quilt. Charm Pack HSTs (Half Square Triangles) She's going to make 16-Patch blocks, quilt them then join them apartmently, with sashing.

Sunday, 2 June 2019

Stitching News

This is another of the Bargello wall hanging quilts that was started on our recent workshop. Linda came back to choose her backing fabric. Isn't it a wonderful project. Every time I see a Bargello Quilt, it gives me goosebumps!

Luna Twearly has this fabulous finish to share with you. It was a tricky one to photograph with it being 3D. It's not an Angie's Trolley Cover... it's a Back of Luna's posh, comfy chair cover, all fitted to size! Isn't she clever...
Toot toot toot Luna, great job!

Sporty Sue finished her apartment joining. Then she realised she had made the project a bit long and narrow...  not wide enough needs a solution. I conjured (like came up with) a few ideas, lets see how brave Sue feels making her decision!! Just know... there won't be applique! ha ha ha

Jean (not Bean) laid out her braid progress on my white classroom tables, so we could have a think about her sashing fabric. See the table white showing through... Can you guess what happened?
I said... "ooooh Jean, look what happened here... won't it look fabulous if you add a pale grey fabric at the end of each strip... like where the table shows through?" She agreed, yeeeha. I can't wait to see it done.

Just a little reminder that there's a Sunday Funday Sewday coming up on the 23rd June.... have you remembered to book your place?

Saturday, 1 June 2019

My Very Own Wedgie

My Mum Gwynneth mentioned that I haven't put anything on my blog about my very own sewing for a while...  not even what I was doing on our recent sewing retreat... So, today is Sandwich Saturday in my very own shop and I have booked my very own self a one hour slot for making this rather brightly coloured (!) Wedgie top into a quilting ready project!

Friday, 31 May 2019

Messenger Bag Workshop

Another Messenger Bag workshop... Saturday 8th June.
10am - 4pm £30.00 plus materials.
This is a free pattern available on the Makower UK website but Carol has added a few zipped pockets to it. Pop over to the  website using this link to get your free instructions or come for a fun day with Carol and learn extra, top tips while you make your very own Messenger Bag.