Saturday 27 April 2024

Stitching News

There's a bit of a Bunny thing going on in these here parts. Elizabeth Hartman Bunnies to be precise. Maybe it's true about how bunnies multiply, even if they are not real bunnies? The pattern has a few different sized creatures.

Meet Farmer Lynda, in her Sunday best! 
Lynda is making small bunny quilts, to be used as chair backs, she talks to her bunnies.

Meet Farmer Philip, I'm sure we heard Lynda talking to him. 
What a smart couple they are. I think They've been sandwiched by now, only in the quilting world can we get away with that statement!

Believe it or not, those little Saw Tooth Stars are only 4 inch blocks. Teeny-tiny for Di and look how accurate they are, pointy-points and all.

Di goes very dark when she's tackling a triangle, it's just fear! The star on the left is 16" square. Made on a recent retreat. There will also be a third block and it too will be made into a cushion, can you guess the design, Di is already shaking in her boots, ha!

Gail came to make a quick Teddy sandwich. We need it to rain now to keep Gail at the Juki getting the quilting done, not in the garden getting mucky! Baby is waiting for his gift me thinks.

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