Wednesday 3 April 2024

Stitching News

I hope you've all enjoyed the long weekend and found a little stitching time? I suspect the sunshine had you mostly out in the garden, though that didn't last very long did it.
My classroom was super busy last week, little time for taking pictures. It's so lovely to see the ladies improving their skills. A few new sewing machines have been ordered and lots of fabric has been purchased, surely that's a recipe for success!

Pam made this Lap quilt as a special request. It's all Moda Flannels so it's super soft and very warm and snuggly. It's a Licketty-Split make, now fabulous and finished and a very toot toot toot-a-bubble Quilt, Which is just as well really. 
After gifting the Snuggly quilt to it's new owner, 2 more orders rolled in, rather Licketty-Split-ly, Mum and Dad decided they each would like one too. Pam changed up the design for number 2. I wonder what design Pam will use for the next one. Will it be the last one?
Norma finished all her 9-Patch blocks and declared the top finished. Then she re-read the pattern and saw that there are 4 x 8" borders to be prepared next, with applique flowers and bias strips. Norma does enjoy applique stitching with the Juki blanket stitch with hover/pivot feature turned on.

Rose finished her Nautical cushion, isn't it lovely. The little embellishments, from stitching to buttons, make all the difference. Can you see the waves the dolphins are making and the different stitching designs on the doors. Toot toot toot Rose a truly fabulous and finished project.

I had a little event in my shop on Good Friday and Good Saturday. Nothing to write home about really, I just randomly chose all these fabrics and reduced the price of them rather drastically. I have, once again, run out of space and I figured that one metre each from a few bolts would give me an inch or two! Don't worry, most of them went back on my shelves... it scared me too much to think I might run out of them! How crazy is that? Anyway, I'm sorry if you missed out on a bargain or two (only a bit sorry!)
I have left a few bolts in my 'Temptation Trolley', like the Easter fabrics you see at the bottom of my photo, should you be interested in popping in to peruse. The 'Rooting Rack' is stuffed full of bolt ends too, it's a bit wobbly under the weight. It's stock taking time, not my favourite thing to do, so all the bolts are having a good seeing too!

Back to normal opening hours from Tomorrow. Thursday is 9.30am to 5pm.
As always, out of hours shopping appointments are availabubble.

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