Tuesday 8 July 2014

Stitching News

Jo made her first ever sandwich! It's her first ever quilt actually.
She chose a wonderful turquoise-y King Tut Thread (I can't resist it..."from the full collection available in my very own shop!!") She got to grips with her new walking foot, starting and finishing technics, like tying off ends and threading them through, and went home with top tips and miles of lovely stitching to do.
Annbacan spent the day quilting her Lone Star quilt, as did Monday Sheila, they sat side by side gossiping and giggling. It helps to have a little extra table at your side when quilting a large project so, I  put a lowered ironing board right next to Ann which, once she got used to it being there, helped her tremendously.
Christabelle is making another personalised cushion, she's so very good with new ideas... I'm thinking she must have an arty-farty streak inside her.
This project called for bias binding so, not only has Chris learned how to use it, she now has a double needle and knows how to make the machine use it, quite a thrill!
The special order for Lady Judith's extra fabric hasn't arrived yet so she couldn't continue with her Little Black Dress project. Not a problem though, Lady Judith always has several projects on the go at the very same time. She quilted and finished this Twister Heart Cushion... with a zip!!... it's a large one and I do believe we should be tooting as it's Fabulous and Finished!
Just Jan's finished and fabulous cushions, toot toot toot... with real piping and wonderful invisible zips. Both were made with the left over scraps from her grey and yellow quilt... what a great way to use up your left over bits of fabric!!and an extra special gift too.

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