Wednesday 20 April 2016

Stitching News?

One solitary photograph!! But what a picture it is...
Princess Jackie's fabulous and finished, cuter than cute, little appliqued cushion.
She's so 
blasé about her designs you know, we LOVE them.
Toot toot toot Jackie, another triumph!

I know that May, for me, will be very busy, we have two Bank Holiday weekends due, I have a few weekend things planned, treats galore!! and real life has to go on at the very same time... tricky but I can sleep a bit in June, ha ha ha
But blooming-heck...
April is a bit of an unexpected whirlwind!!!
My little quilt shop and it's classes are on fire!!! don't panic!!... not really, all that cotton going up in smoke?... no not a real fire... just the other kind of fire... hot, colourful and strangely exciting.
There's such a wonderful and busy atmosphere in the air... It has to be the sunshine and the longer days... I have no other explanation. It's a good job the days are getting longer otherwise it wouldn't all get done.
It's the week of Uttoxeter Quilt Show, or rather Uttoxeter Quilt and Stitch Village,  so lots of ladies have been putting their final stitches in place ready for project delivery today,
Yes, today!... Wednesday.
It's Quilt hanging day...
I have no clue how I got roped into doing it again this year, but I did. So, I am off to Uttoxeter to unpack and hang your quilts... not alone obviously, we will be in little teams.
I hope you've remembered about the show?... Uttoxeter Quilt and Stitch Village

My little and rather wonderful quilt shop will not be there with a stall but it will be open and inspiring as normal.. it's approximately 12 -15 minutes drive from Uttoxeter Racecourse to where I am in Cheadle so... pop over to visit with me if you like. Even if it's at the end of the day... You see, I would love to see you and hear all you have to say about the show. I can't go to the show until Sunday... when I will be taking all the quilts down again, with my little Team.

Have a great weekend won't you... I think we are expecting snow! ha ha ha

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