Sunday, 22 January 2017

Stitching News

It gets worse doesn't it!! These are the  only pictures found in the perfectly purple camera... We have had such a fun and extremely busy classroom this week, very inspiring with lots of new quilters, lots of new projects being started... which means lots of mathemisms need to be done, designs to be decided, fabrics to be chosen... busy busy... pictures need to be taken! but... that must have been the last thing on my list and it dropped off the end, ha!
Norma decided and purchased her backing. She got it all stitched together for homework so she came on Saturday to make her first ever quilt sandwich... she's made a beginner cushion and three little wall hangings... but this, she says... is her first 'real' quilt

Now I only have a picture of this project because Sister Suzie was choosing the layout for her table runner... it's easy to see the placement of colours in a photo, don't you think? It's a lovely and brightly coloured Charm Pack from Moda

I forgot to show you that I finished this quilt last weekend. It's just Hour Glass blocks in the centre and Flying Geese in the border... there are a lot of Geese Flying on the back too... I'll take a picture for you....

I also finished this table runner...
Made from mis-cut fabrics from my Hidden Wells project.
I used the 60 degree ruler again!

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