Thursday, 24 August 2017

Stitching News

Sporty Sue's tripping around the world in 4 separate journeys, all joined together by the very clever little suggestion of a border. It is a huge quilt... every square started as a 3" cut strip... If that doesn't make sense? Why not try a trip? It has the Wow factor eh... 

Judy, who likes to make it up as she goes along, is very happy with her Flying Geese pillow. The original idea and design was nothing like this but that doesn't matter a tot. Judy loves it. It's not quite finished, there's a little hand stitching to be completed on the binding.

While Judy was working on the geese for the front, Our Carol was 'inventing' Faux Piped Cushion Flaps for the back of her cushion.... Judy wanted a Faux Piped Cushion Flap too... so she made her very own. PMS (Pleasing My Self) Always to be encouraged!!

Princess Jackie has had her Hidden Wells strip sets finished for several weeks but had put them to one side for a while... so many projects on the go you see. Now she cut into the strips and chopped up the squares so progress is happening!

Queenie continues adding little flowers to her borders... it's tricky appliqueing the petals and leaves with the border attached to the large quilt centre... if only she had completed the borders' applique before stitching them to the quilt... she knows for next time though... he he he

Gail was so happy to have a different project to play with.
It's time for all of us to be completing our festive projects really...
It's September next week!!!"
Once this delightful Stocking was done all but the hand stitching,
Gail went back to her 'other' blocks.

Rose is now an expert with the Foundation Paper Piecing.
She had decided to make all the easy blocks first... good plan.
Now she's ready to tackle the trickier designs.

New Sue also made the 'easier blocks' first. Now she's doing the trickier leaves... a few hiccups in the beginning, caused by PMS on the cutting sizes (Pleasing Your Very Own Self on Cutting sizes doesn't really end up with success... Don't ask me how I know... More on that later) but once that was sorted Sue was on a leafy roll.

And a fabulous finish next. New Sue made it and it's hand quilted.
A perfect 22" cushion all ready for gifting...
Toot toot toot Sue, a fabulous and Finished, and very useful, cushion.

Jean Bean is enjoying being accurate... Tiny little Log Cabin blocks need to be accurate... don't you think... unless your plan is to be liberated that is.
Can you see that fluffy thing? Jean calls it Hairy Maclary... it's her thread catcher... creepy little thing it is too! 

Taadaaa WoW, WoW, Wow!
Jackie's beautiful blocks all sewn together... Wow
I have no suitable words.
She's working on the borders now.... Wow

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Sue said...

OOOOHHHHHHHHHHH I just think Princess Jackie's blocks are just wonderful, what a talent she has, absolutely beautiful.