Friday 16 March 2018

Stitching News

Rose was super excited to have made her sandwich because now she gets to quilt this beautiful project. She has a few ideas... and you know Rose great ideas!!

Lorna also came for Sandwich Saturday... she pinned a bit and shopped a bit then pinned some more then shopped some more... I'm not going to apologize for having so much wonderful, and evidently irresistible, fabric!!

Jenny is quite a recent fabric collector and finds herself already an addict to quilting... I see no problem there! She used some very strange stuff for her sandwich, I think it was some sort of upholstery wadding, already backed? Each to his/her own.

Tadaaaa and toot toot toot for this fabulous and finished... Made by New Sue, brand new, almost antique quilt... it's been stored and forgotten about... waiting for the perfect amount of time to pass before it's turn to be quilted... and that time has now arrived!!!

Gail finished her very posh cushion/pillow. Doesn't it look great!!
Toot toot toot Gail, It's a fabulous and finished project and it's given me an idea!!

Krafty Karen has started a new project... Beautiful Batik fabrics look sooooo good in applique, Karen's been inspired by Princess Jackie's work for a long time, now she gets to play too.

Gail is using surplus strips to make a top secret project...
PM Pam started it all off with a yellow one... so blame her!
There's going to be a Cushion Bombing fiasco soon!!!

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