Tuesday, 11 September 2018

Stitching News

Carol finished her Rainbow Unicorn wall hanging. She used an elongated diamond decorative stitch for the mane and fabulous Free-Motion doodle stitching for her background...

A lovely bit of stitching in the horn thing too... Are they called horns?
Anyway, it's a fabulous and finished project so you know what is expected.... Toot toot toot Carol.

Woop woop... we will have a whole heard of Unicorns at this rate.... such a popular pattern. This magical creature is another of PM Pam's. The quilted stars just add a bit more magic don't they. Pam also quilted the mane with a decorative stitch, but she chose a whirly-whirl stitch.

A cushion this time, complete with a magical flap covering a rather ordinary, but excellent value, 22" zip! Toot toot toot Pam.... another fabulous finish.

Blimey... another one!!! ha ha ha This Rainbow Unicorn, obviously, is still a work in progress and belongs to Farmer Lynda... who is feeling very proud of herself for getting this far!!! There were squeals of excitement when the horn bit worked!

Beryl declared that all of her star blocks were complete...
"What now?" she asked...
Well.... we played with a few settings as will be a festive table runner and after a bit of pondering, we hatched a great plan... watch this space!

Christie changed jobs, again!.. just so that she could have a sewing day! First day back and she decided that she needs a 'going to class' sewing supplies bag. A big Quilted Panel Bag would be perfect... with the addition of a Bargello lesson.

Enid loves to play with applique. This will be a most lovely cushion with little houses running
along the top of that flower filled field.... ahhhh!

A note to jot down now....

It's almost retreat time.... (What do you mean AGAIN???)
Please note that my wonderful, and extremely well stocked (a bit like bursting at the seams!!!) Patchwork and Quilting shop... with it's fabulous selection of fabrics, threads, waddings and notions... 
will be closed on Thursday 27th September.
Thanks for reading xx

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