Thursday, 27 June 2019

Stitching News

Gail continued with her quilting.
She's stitching the ball's bounces... how very artsy fartsy
Rose finished the first part of her quilting, outlining the swans, and moved on tho her freewheeling in the background... of course there were waves.

Jean Beano is adding character forming stitching to her Hounds whilst quilting each one for Apartment Joining. I think she will tie off those ends though...

Princess Jackie is using a Piece O Cake applique pattern for her flowers but going slightly off piste with the overall general design. Two fabrics in the background, perfect!

This is a truly fabulous finish... and, even though it's not a quilt, it deserves a fanfare! Toot toot toot Princess Jackie. Made very nicely indeedy, it has to be said, It will be gifted to one of her granddaughters.
There are lots of people using my beautiful, top quality fabrics for dressmaking. It's very exciting to see my fabric walk into the shop!!

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