Friday, 20 September 2019

Every Day, Every Way

It's really tricky .... I find it tricky, to take good photos of bags and other 3D projects... You kind of need a video... I'm not doing any videoing!! I have a perfectly purple "point and shoot" camera and I am quite rubbish in the photo department... But I want you to know Christabelle made this...
Every Day, Every Way bag... pattern from ByAnnie.
It's a more stylised picture, sent to me by Chris... it's so smart... all pattern matched and beautifully quilted

Lots of different straps for different jobs, even straps for clipping the bag to the buggy. The Canvas fabric is an Art Gallery one which Chris has fussily cut and pattern matched... the co-ordinating yellow fabric is Alison Glass, a Sunprint I think, then the straps are also Ary Gallery ...

Pockets, pockets, pockets... all over the bag. Those to the right inside have no bottom to them so they are perfect to hold up drinks and bottles (for baby size, not gin bottles!!) Chris hasn't found every stage easy but she has thoroughly enjoyed the process. It is well deserving and an extra loud, toot toot toot.

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