Sunday 22 December 2019

Stitching News

Jean Hill used the Quilt As You Go method of stripping to make this fabulous Tea Pot Cosy. Along with a Hexagon bowl and a Mug Rug in co-ordination fabrics... What a brilliant gift!! Fabulous and finished and ready for gifting... toot toot toot Jean.

Lynda's Strippy Tote workshops have been very popular. We have three further dates booked for next year and they are also fully signed up for, so she's inventing another project, a Strippy Crossover.... This is Prototype number one, Fabulous, Zipped and Finished, toot toot toot.

Princess Jackie has been burning the midnight oil on this project.
Five minutes after purchasing the fabrics for the plan,
she brought it in to choose the binding!!!

I'm aware that's a slight exaggeration but that's how it felt. I think it was just over a week from start to finish... even including the pieced backing...we quilters are amazing aren't we!!! It will have been bound and gifted by now.

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