Monday 26 October 2020

Shopping Information/Rules

I really wish I did not have to write this, but I feel I must... 

I truly value all of you as my customers, thank you so much for being a customer. Please know that I am trying to ensure that we are all safe.

Shopping appointments are for one person at a time. I continue to provide hot water and soap for your hand washing before coming in to my shop and mask wearing is obviously necessary too.
Please use your very own loo before coming shopping as you are not able to use my facilities.

IF you are in a bubble with someone, or from the same household, you could both come in at the same time if you have informed me ahead of time. It is best if you do that when booking your shopping appointment. 
I must request that if you are not coming in to shop for supplies, please do not come in. It is/was much fun to accompany your friends, it's all part of the Quilting addiction, but while we have this virus, that fun has to wait.
The fewer people that enter my shop the safer it will be for all of us, myself and my family included.

I know this is not good for business but it is a small price to pay for your safety and for my and my family's safety.
Other shops and businesses are not being so restrictive with their customers, that's fine... 

I am truly sorry if you come to my shop without an appointment and you can't come in because someone else is inside shopping... If no-one is in my shop, or due to come shopping, when you arrive without an appointment, of course I can let you in to browse. 
Pre-booked appointments will always get priority... All you need to do is call me 07807530441 before heading over to check the situation.

Sometimes I can't be in my shop. I will always honour appointments though. 
Last time.... Please call before coming to my shop... 

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