Monday 27 December 2021

Sewing With Left Overs

Apparently, I uploaded these pictures back in July. I found them in a daft post. 
Most of these fabrics were the little strips I end up with after cutting my Angie's Six Packs. You see, from one 6" Width Of Fabric I can cut seven 6" squares. 6 x 7 = 42".  Most fabrics are 43 to 44 inches wide so that's why I get little strips that are all 6" long. 
I'd seen a quilt on T'Internet which used the Quarter Log Cabin as a centre for a larger Quarter Log Cabin block... as usual, when I tried to find the picture again, I couldn't... So, from memory, I proceeded to make red fabric Quarter Log Cabin units. I used a fabric sample pack that  a rep gave to me for the centre/starting squares,... They are evil folk those fabrics Reps... they tempt me with things I don't need!!
Followed by the other Quarter Log Cabin strips in blues, to which I added more from my many blue scraps. 
I still had a lot of red strips though, I think the red Six Packs are the most popular, I certainly cut a lot of them! I did start joining them together end to end to make long sashing strips but I didn't like the way it was looking so I decided to join them in strip sets... which I sliced up to make 'bitty' sashing. It looks better doesn't it... they aren't squares though, just random rectangles.

They took ages to piece but I'm pleased with the sashing.

 I went around the edge for a bitty border too. 

That red bitty border got framed with lots of blue strips. 
I found lots of red left overs from making posh cushions for my Mother In Law, so I set about making Flying Geese, every one has been made the traditional way... cutting the individual triangles I mean as the fabrics were only small bits.

Lick-etty-split we jump to an end picture... Free Motion quilting on this one... what I love about a busy scrappy quilt is the freedom to practice Free Motion quilting... You can't really see it, so it doesn't matter how I go! 

Especially if you use a busy fabric on the back!!
That's a Top Tip!!

Fabulous and finished
All made from left over fabrics...

And a good lot of my Brazilian fabric collection was used for the backing!
Toot toot toot.

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