Thursday 3 February 2022

Stitching News

I've had Sandwich Saturdays in my shop diary for years now. I push tables together to help you with those larger pinning jobs, great customer service, don't you think.

If you just want to lay out your blocks, that's fine too. These are Norma's blocks. She had them all piled up and needed to see what they would look like sewn together. There's a secondary pattern that's not too notice-a-bubble until they are placed out... can you see it?

Norma's Churndash blocks, I love these. We played about with the blocks, switching them about  to share the different colours, so as to have a nice even distribution, that sounds very professional doesn't it!! We labelled all the blocks and rows, left and right sides and off Norma went with a plan of action to sew it all together.

There was a Patchwork and Quilting for beginners workshop last Friday. Both ladies had a great day and promised that they had learned a lot of top tips and techniques.
This is Jackie's choice of fabrics....

These are Kim's choices. Both ladies went home with the back of the cushion ready with it's zip installed for sewing to the front... they both wanted to add more quilting lines before completing the cushion for my photos!!! Pleasing their very own selves, ha!

Sister Susie finished her Ugly Birdhouse "Wall"... Yes! She's making her very own version of my Ugly Birdhouse quilt... If I had known so many people would ask me for the pattern, as it hangs in my shop, I might well have made a few notes while I was making it (more like throwing mine together) In this picture, Susie was deciding how to put the wires for the birds to sit on.

Fiona Too used my lightbox to help her place all the bits in the right order. Using an applique pressing sheet, or a piece of baking parchment, means all the bits can be stuck to each other before placing them on the actual quilt background... not sure that makes sense. I'll show you if you pop in.

Jan has a big quilting job going on at home so wanted a smaller project to work on in between-ies. My Angie's Six Packs are perfect for such a scenario. All you need to do is just choose the order for the six inch squares and sew them together... lick-etty-split. Add borders, done!

You're forgiven for not believing me, but these beautiful fabrics are Shirley's left overs, I know right! She made 4 Log Cabin blocks to make up a table topper. We played with settings, on point looked great so we toyed with setting triangle ideas...Shirley likes a challenge... that was last week... and this week it was done and sandwiched and looked stunning... all made up by her very own self.

Bev finished her lovely Log Cabin Quilt top. A very happy lady. She'd thoroughly enjoyed the whole process, except for the bit when she noticed when the writing on the fabric wasn't the right way up... but she struggled on, got  it sorted out, hid the evidence and told our very good selves to move on, it was very amusing... you  had to be there! There will be a pieced backing made ready for Sandwich time.

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