Wednesday 3 January 2024

Happy New Year

Hello, hello, hello. Welcome to another stitchy year. I hope you found a little bit of time to craft. It's never easy during sewing prevention season is it. 

I've worked a bit on my Hidden Wells quilt, just in small sessions. With it being so huge, I had decided to stabilize it by  'stitching in the ditch', basically a lot of long diagonal lines. With larger quilts this is a very helpful method. Getting the whole quilt stabilized, taking the pins out as you get to them, reduces the bulk of the task significantly. Then I quilted the borders, trimmed the crusts off (that's trimming the wadding and extra backing from the edge of the sandwich) and started to make the binding. When I say started, I mean I chose the fabric. That's as far as I got. Technically it is progress I guess. I'll get the binding on then go back into the 'Wells' to do a bit more quilting, hopefully soon.

I'm afraid my awful lurgy stayed with me, and it's still here, so that's hindered production. I'm being investigated so we should evict the beggar as soon as we know what it is, ha!

On a positive note (I think) I took the plunge and purchased a new computer. I finally gave in with waiting for updates on the other one, turning it's very own self off willy-nilly... while I was using it! was so irritating. So I am on a learning curve with a new one. My kiddos got me all set up, well... the computer is all set up, I'm a bit slower. But the very fact that I found that photograph up at the top, without emailing it to my very own self is a good sign of progress. AND, my quilt is looking rather good, don't you think?

My shop and classroom will open up on Tuesday 9th January, it will be back to normal-ness. I know it's a long break and a long time for a shop to close but goodness knows it was and is, needed! 
I had planned to do lots of things in my shop while it was closed, organizing and painting and moving stuff, prettifying really. But, as yet that has not happened, so we will still find what we were looking for! Always a positive eh.
As always, if you do need anything before Tuesday, just call me. 

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