Thursday 23 April 2009

Daff's in the Quilt Cave

I think this was the first time we had almost everyone working on the same project... Paper Pieced Daffodils.

These are the fabrics that Therese bought to make her daffodils with

Rosalia, (our Blue Lady) making her colour chart, this project is like painting by numbers...

These are Sally's fabric swatches all neatly sorted ready to begin...

Only a few hours later Therese had a small section of the pattern completed.

Sally got to the same stage... these are stems to the daffodils... just incase you couldn't see that!

Ursula had a little difficulty joining a few segments together, this called for a little 'fudging'. She is using some of her hand dyed fabrics from a workshop last spring.

Rosalia struggled with the paper piecng in the beginning but, by the end of the day she had all these sections done.

Rosalia has been working on the border blocks for this log cabin project. We put the blocks in place to see the result, lovely!

Jackie has 24 of her 40 kimomos done, now she is using paper piecing to perfect the tricky angles of the sleeves and is finding it much easier, and much faster too.

Arabela quilted one of the charity quilts, wearing her posh gloves and looking very chic with her shirt complementing the quilt!

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