Wednesday 1 April 2009

Quilt Cave

Many hands make light work.... Arabela needed to make her 2.50m square quilt sandwich... so we pushed lots of tables together and got on with it, It was a long stretch to reach the middle!

Ursula and Therese then sandwiched another of our charity quilts.....
After my postcard demonstration, Therese made one... look at the concentration in her face as she sews the flowers in place!

It was worth the effort, she made another postcard too, I forgot to get a picture though.
This is a charity quilt top made by Regina, it needed to be sandwiched, and as Ursula was on a roll .....

Ann-Marie finished her rail fence table runner, it has accidental corner stones ... which look fabulous.

Mario, the Bernina guy, called in. My feed-dogs were dropping occasionally on their own! how wierd? Anyway a drop of oil here and there and all should be well now... My Bernina does look strange without it's clothes!

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