Tuesday 14 July 2009

Ronny's Memory Quilt

This is the small quilt that Ronny made for her friends' anniversary, Ronny wrote...
"It‘s called: 'das Lebensmauerchen' or 'the small brick wall of life'. The black figures are things that were very important in their lives.
She was a baker's daughter and always sat in front of the delivery-bike, she worked her whole career for justice, she is a painter, in her very early years she worked for a sweets-factory.
He worked with Fokker (the airplane-company) in his very early years he picked strawberries, he sings, he is always working in and around the house.
Their initials and the sign of the city, Breda, and the red hearts of course belong to the couple, the small blue hearts are their two sons and the small white heart is the first grandson that will be born one of these days..."

What a lovely idea!

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