Tuesday 21 July 2009

A Sewing Room?

It's taking ages to get sorted out... The charity shop must be ready to burst by now... he he he. When we were moving countries I kept absolutely everything, every time, but for this move we had to downsize. My sewing room has been left until last-ish... I knew there was nothing to get rid of in there, you know I NEEEED everything, don't I. My Dad came over to put up shelves, my idea was to put a load of smaller cuts of fabric up there but the walls won't take the weight. So I have re-designed my lovely big cutting table, on paper, so that it can be made  to fit... (that's some of the wood in the window) I have no clue when it will get made though... so, for now, fabric will have to stay in our bedroom, and the hall... and the spare room... he he he, but there's none in the kitchen! 

I joined the Quilters' Guild of the British Isles, this is the Journal they sent, I'm a bit spooked by those eyes.... it looks interesting but I haven't read much yet, no lights up in the lounge yet, ha ha ha, I'm really hoping to find some quilty chums soon.... I figured this Guild could be a good place to start.... A note for the ladies in Portugal... Remember Ladies... none of my blog pictures are staged... everything is natural! ha ha ha

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