Tuesday 4 August 2009

A Little Bit Of Progress..

I confess, it is now quite obvious that "I've Got Too Much Stuff!!" I thought that this metal cupboard, my new slimline cutting table storage and the cupboard behind the door would be enough to hold my lovely fabric stash and books... it would, if I didn't actually want to look at any of it.
Oh well.... still nowhere to put my folders and bits and bobs but a few grabbed minutes most days is getting me there.... I still have an awful lot to do with the house, like painting, so the stitchery will have to wait....
As I started to fill the cupboard yesterday... I caught Molly digging madly in the corner, making very excited noises, obviously happy with her new biscuit hiding place...
this morning I passed and took a sideways glance into my room, and saw where she has been digging again, turfing out my fabrics whilst looking for her treasure!! I will have to keep the door shut in future... bless her.

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