Sunday 23 August 2009

More Photos

Just before I left Portugal, Susan had started cutting out hexagons, so this picture is to help inspire her... these hexagons have been cut to make kaleidoscopes....
Sue loves the "wow factor" and I think this work definitely has "Wow"... I wonder how the lady cut out the pieces? I'm thinking she must have spent ages getting each set of pieces cut exactly the same, hmmmm

I think the colour choices, placement and the quilting in this project bring the very traditional up to the very modern. I bet this spent a long time on the design wall, I once made a small water colour quilt... oh how I suffered... looking through the red plastic only to see I had it all wrong, many times... ha ha ha, never again!
and look how it is quilted... simple and very effective, I hope this helps you Soooooo....

Crazy Quilts, a great way to use all the fancy stitches on my Bernina, I will make one, one day, it says so on my "To Do"list.
I post this picture to inspire Jackie who recently bought an embroidery machine....

This would be a great way to test everything a sewing machine can do, including the pictures... see the butterflies and flowers all embroidered, it's like a very 'posh' I Spy quilt... he he he.
This is another of my favourites, having recently taken the plunge and made a New York Beauty style quilt and I've sort of mastered the curved piecing ... I shall put it on my "maybe some day" list.

Garen, for sure, will be interested to see this quilt, I know she has a few of these bowls in her UFO pile

One day at Paula's, Irene came in to buy fabrics to make a Dear Jane quilt, I thought this picture would inspire her? I put it on my 'maybe one day' list.... I have several lists, tee hee
No wonder this quilt was a winner, it's not really my 'cup o tea' but it had the most fabulous quilting, it looked like lace! This picture is worth clicking on to see closer detail

... Birte... I know you have some of these fabrics... did you enter this quilt??


Quinta da Quilter said...

Love them! You know me so well . . . .

Birte said...

Hi Angie
That is a lovely quilt. I still have the fabric, but I never knew how to use them. This is a brilliant idea.
xxxx Birte