Saturday 12 December 2009

I Been Stitching..

This project has been ongoing for years. I can't even remember how long I have had it on my "To Do" list, there's no date on the pattern, do you have any idea? I don't usually follow the colours of a pattern, but this time I wanted it just like the picture....
About 2 years ago I traced and cut out the Steam a Seam stuff and put it into a plastic box. Some time last year I chose some of the fabrics and added them to the box. Recently I pieced the background and ironed the fabrics to the pattern pieces... then, back in the box it went. All of a sudden I have the urge to finish it
... woooohoooo. My bird is the wrong way round, a small artistic moment... more like a Duh moment whilst tracing it actually... but who cares which way a bird is looking? I know I don't!

I didn't want to use the ric-rac stuff for the stems so I sliced some green, blotchy hand dyed fabric on the bias and tri-folded it, ironed it and pinned it in place... I do have the 1/4" sticky stuff but opted not to bother with it... This is one of my favourite Bernina feet... Number 10. It has a guide that enables me to sew straight stitching really really close to the edges without falling off!
I chose this YLI variegated thread... it all adds more interest to the finished effect... so all the stems are stitched, using Number 10 foot. I have changed to the Number 20 foot now as I am considering a blanket stitch for the leaves and flower bases, Number 20 is an open foot so it's easier to see where I am going.... more later....

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