Friday, 1 October 2010

Caverswall Quilt Cave

My Mum (Gwynneth) made yet another of the Quick Table Toppers, this one will be donated to an upcoming raffle at a Caverswall Village Hall dance evening, all proceeds keeping our lovely hall in tip top condition....
I know some of you will be thrilled to see a photo of ME!.... This is yours truly helping Joan The Shop to free motion a few hearts on her Peppa Pig quilt... wearing my 'free for purchasing diesel from Galp' gloves using a super fantastic Bernina Aurora 440 QE... great contrast eh!
Maid Marian has made two of these quilts now. They are soooo lovely, each little window opens up to reveal a different picture.. very exciting for the kiddies I bet!
Here's Mum's other project, a lap quilt for the caravan... a whole new area that I had missed for filling up with quilty things, he he he!!! The backing is done, the wadding is prepared but we just ran out of time to make a sandwich!
Brenda Barbara made all the little pocket blocks for her Advent calendar, just a few of the snowmen were facing the wrong way so they will have a little extra attention for homework.... they'll soon be sorted though.
Lauren had to set her very colourful project to one side this week as a baby quilt has taken priority... blues, creams and teddy fabric for pinwheels blocks, simple yet stunning.... Lauren learned a few tricks about triangles and pinwheels... she did a great job with them.
Barbie fell for this quilt picture and couldn't wait to get started on it. Last weeks' project has been set to one side (I know you are nodding as you completely understand how easily that happens!) and lots of 2" x 5" strips were cut......
Helen made sandwiches and spent the day free motion quilting. First to highlight the main parts with a little free motion stitching in the ditch... a wonderful skill!
Dotty Maureen was working on a baby quilt that she's been commissioned to make. The request was to have bugs on it... and bugs it will have... not only on the fabric but I heard Dotty say she will free motion quilt bugs onto it as well....
Kate's Jennie Rayment project is looking good... Twitched, Twiddled and Tweaked, she has the Flying Geese blocks completed so they only need to be stitched together into rows for the borders with corner stones.

Remember that there will not be a Quilty Gathering on Wednesday 6th October... We meet again ONLY on FRIDAY 8th October 10am - 3pm.

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