Saturday, 16 October 2010

Caverswall Quilt Cave

Maid Marian is using some beautiful fabric, it's based on the work of a local lady, Clarice Cliff. She was getting quite excited to see the patchwork design taking shape, this is going to be stunning!

Barbie spent the day cutting strips for her braid borders, not that the centre is made yet... Now then... I have to point out that Barbie left her blade open, which is forbidden!!!! I hope she sees this and gives herself a good, strong telling off... even as far as a good spanking, if the mood suits her, ha ha ha.

Linda worked on an Advent calendar. It is one of those panels that we buy with all the bits and instruction supplied.. it was very fiddly but good progress was made. These are the pocket fronts, they have flaps over the top too... more on this later.

Brenda Barbara almost finished Advent calendar number two. This time she chose to play safe and use a none-directional print for the pockets, it was much easier not to worry about snowmen standing on their heads! Next week will be sandwich time .

Shirley Lerly and Lizzy were working as a team for the day, they are making Christmas table runners, you know the one, Quick Table Topper! proving very popular. Speaking of popular.. another applique tree....
this one was a little different as Lizzy appliqued these fabulous little presents, they're embellished with gold ribbon bows... click on the picture for a closer look...

Wendy was free motion quilting using an Aurora Baby (440QE) without the BSR, she has decided to quilt each block individually, like I did on My Portuguese Tiles... it's a bit of a challenge deciding how to, but she is very arty and got on very well

This is a testing sample of Barbie's braid borders, it's going to look wonderful, the centre will be a huge appliqued vase of flowers with a posh frame... you'll see, in weeks to come.

Pauline arrived wanting to make a bag. She had no pattern and only a few bits of fabric. I am NOT at all good in the bag making department and Dotty couldn't be with us (she's the bag lady!) so, Pauline made a mini Mat & Ruler bag in which to store her knitting project, it turned out to be a good plan as she thoroughly enjoyed doing the free motion quilting, see I got the Galp gloves in there again! ha ha ha

Joan The Shop only has to finish quilting two borders now and the Peppa Pig quilt will be finished, woooohoooo, and Joan will be chuffed, make no mistake.

We meet again next Wednesday & Friday, 10am - 3pm, when we will be doing short workshops on "Quilt As You Go"... everyone wants to know how to make big quilts without the suffering, ha ha ha.
Kettle Corner will be open if you'd like to pop in.
Table Top Shop will be fully stocked with all your patchwork and quilting needs, with wadding/batting on the side. There should be new fat quarters too, lets hope they arrive just in time.

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Becky said...

Another lovely gathering for me to read about and drool! You all are so very talented and have so much fun together. When our finances become strong again I will join a couple of the local quilting/crafting groups here.