Saturday 5 April 2014

Polish Your Trumpets...

We need a fanfare of tooting, long and loud, for the fabulous and finished quilts I was able to get pictures of this week... I hope you enjoy looking at them...

Christabelle's, made with the Little Black Dress 2 fabric collection from Moda. Pattern inspired by the post last weekend about the Split 4-Patch blocks... another beauty to be gifted very soon.
Merrily's, made apartment-ly in three sections to make the job of quilting far more manageable for Merrily... it's quite a large quilt you know...
This is the back of Merrily's quilt. The three sections were joined together after quilting and, believe it or not, the fact that the patterns lined up perfectly was nothing to do with anything but luck!
Stephanie Iceland has a musical hubby... don't be thinking Stephanie made this quilt to keep him warm though... it's for covering the guitars on one side of her very own craft room!!... he thinks half of the room is for his very own self... tisk!
Brilliant backing too... Stephanie says she made this whole quilt just so she could have a go at making the Prairie Points! he he he
Toot toot-etty toot toot ladies... very inspiring eye candy, thank you.

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