Thursday 18 September 2014

Stitching News...

PM Pam had the inspired idea of using 4 little 3 inch festive picture blocks from the strips that flood the market at this time of year, my shop included!! to make a superb seasonal cushion. It may look simple but there's a lot of accurate cutting and stitching involved... Fabulous and finished... toot toot toot Pam
Princess Jackie needs a Fabulous and finished fanfare next...
Toot toot-e-tty toot toot
A most beautiful girl-y-grl quilt...
ready to be displayed for the charity auction.
My Rebel Josie flicks from one project to the next... sometimes I can't keep up!! During her class, she noticed one of our panel quilts, we have them displayed on the wall. She liked it, purchased the panel, dug in her stash bag then... Lick-e-tty-Split... had it stitched and sandwiched!
Sheila came to play... Hip operation almost a thing of the past!!
She's doing a little hand stitching as it's still a little tricky to sew by machine... such a beautiful block... beautiful Batiks too!!! I have loads of Batiks for you to choose from.... and 30 more bolts will be here soon!
Brenda Barbara is making a festive wall hanging for her grand children.
It's a lot of fun building up little appliqué pictures and the Art To Heart book patterns in particular are just toooo cute!
Dotty Maureen is making an appliqué project too.
This is the Fairy Tales pattern from Kids Quilts
Dotty had fun rooting through a bag of scraps to find just the fabrics she needed. We have lots of the Kids Quilts patterns for sale... just in case you feel tempted!
Kate finished two of her extra wide borders and was able to find space for sandwiching them... thank goodness for apartment quilting!
Kate's beautiful quilt is growing fast now.
Sporty Sue finished her latest quilt top. When she declared that she wanted a red fabric for her inner border we all thought.... ooooo not sure about that!
But lookey!!! it is totally fabulous
Lady Judith's Lone Star... WoWeeeee!
It's just amazing what all the ladies have done with their Lone Star centres... most were started at Dotty's workshop but I think every one had a different finishing job... as you would expect, Lady Judith's quilt will be huge!
This is another of Annbacan's seat cushions... Loving the colours here!!!
We all love the Dresden Plates, I, personally, think that they are particularly fabulous as cushions...

Another seat cushion, Ann used up lot's of left over strips for this one...
It's rather amazing what can come out of a bag of scraps isn't it?

That's it for today, I have many more pictures... I don't seem able to catch up. We have a lot of family birthdays this month so there's a lot of party-ing to be done... time management goes out of the window!!

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