Sunday 28 September 2014

Stitching News

It's been a rubbish week for photo opportunities. The ladies have been making wonderful things... don't get that end of the stick... It's all my fault, my end of the stick! Sometimes, things are going so very well, busy, busy, busy and it's all so very, very inspiring... I actually think I could have been having a little too much fun and I forget that it is part of my very own job to take pictures to share with your very good selves... ha ha ha... but you will just have to put up with me... it's a dream job eh!! So...

Brenda Barbara finished the hand stitching on her little 3D blocks so it was time to join them together... after a few pondering minutes choosing the order, of course. It will soon be ready for transforming into an amazing, and bright, tote bag.
Jeannette Dilly kept up the pace from last week's class... she made more of the appliqué blocks for her Poppa's Digger quilt and, of course, she was working on something else as well.... the piece you see there is part of a bag, a rather lovely bag it will be too.
Sheila had fun preparing her second seasonal appliqué block... some of my lovely new Batik Hand Dye fabrics were just the ticket for Sheila's work... there were lots of tiny and frilly segments to be cut out so it kept her entertained... she was as good as gold!
And Jenny... she got the very lucky job to cut, fold and label more most beautiful Quilter's Quarters,.. those bountiful baskets keep tempting our customers you see! ha
 Fat they were and scrumptious they are!... the Quilter's Quarters... not the customers! ho ho ho

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