Friday 27 February 2015

Stitching News With Tooting

Fabulous and finished!
PM Pam's Dresden Plate quilt is absolutely beautiful
A traditional favourite design made with the latest funky and modern fabrics... a
ll except the background fabrics are from Art Gallery I love them and I love Pam's Quilt!
This is the back of Pam's quilt. More Art Gallery... rich and silky soft fabrics making for a luxurious finish... toot toot toot Pam, another great success.
PM Pam has decided to make these Hexagon posies as a continuing project.
Very portable hand stitching using left over fabrics to create a wonderful quilt...
well, I'm told that that's the plan!
More from PM Pam, toot toot toot... I feel we will be seeing more 'Handy' cushions over the next few weeks... the ladies in class were thrilled with the idea.
These are Pam's Granddaughters hands... she drew around them to make a template...
What a great idea...
We have quite a selection of cushions being made lately
Instant satisfaction... as they are licketty-split fast to make.
Another fabulous and finished fanfare now for Fruity Rose. Remember I was showing you last week that Rose had no need to add any border with this clever sashing... oh boy are we inspired! Toot toot toot Rose, you trendsetter!
New Sue finished yet another quilt top and, yet again, this one has a time limit for getting it finished... the backing is ready so a sandwich is imminent! A golden wedding anniversary gift, on track to be fabulous and finished.
and, as if New Sue doesn't have enough to do...
she started another project before the end of the day!!
It's going to be a beauty...
A fabulous and finished pillow, from Di Butterfly this time...
once she sorted out her puffs it didn't take long at all...
beautiful hand stitching in variegated thread.
Toot toot toot Di, just lovely.
We're planning a workshop for this little project.
Paula's turn... toot toot toot for a fabulous finish
Another great kiddie quilt made with an alphabet panel by Makower
This has been a very popular panel too.
Diane finished another of our easy peasy cushions. I originally made up these cushions to use for the Saturday Basics For Beginners workshops... seems everyone loves them, which is great... they can be made in a couple of hours... well... maybe that's only once you have made a practice one
Sheila is continuing on her quest to use up all of her 'why did I buy that fabric' stash... As we collect fabrics over the years, our tastes may change, it's normal...
but they will still need to be used!
Multi fabric quilts, scrappy quilts... whatever you call them, are beautiful to me. 
An ever lasting favourite in my very own little quilting classroom...
the Quick Table Topper. Paula is enjoying making hers in Christmas fabrics... getting ahead and making me think about getting started too... just thinking mind! ha ha
I've lost count how many Quick Table Toppers Brenda Duck has made but
toot toot toot, here's another!

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