Tuesday 3 March 2015

Stitching News

Just Edna has us all watching this project coming together...
and we're loving it. Such a modern look for the Hexagons! and those colours!!!
It's going to be a double size quilt so there's a way to go yet
Remember Melissa Bump's Railfence baby quilt?  Baby Bump should have come into our world on Sunday... My theory is that it knew the quilt wasn't quite finished... Good job Melissa was able to come to class to get that excuse sorted out!
 A few hours of binding stitching to do and Baby Bump can be born!..
Those rugged edges on the wadding? Puppy Power!
Clare's making great progress with the first of her memory quilts...
As you can see, it's almost ready for a border. This will be a snuggly size quilt when it's finished... at least that's the theory.

PM Pam has decided to 're-get re-cracking' on her Stargazy Daisiez blocks....
They are almost antique by now!! ha ha ha
A quick reminder of how to make the blocks and Pam steamed ahead on production.
We are planning another workshop for these if you are interested?
Christabelle happily meandered her afternoon class away...
tiny little free-motion meandering stitches in between those lovely wonky blocks... fabulous... and a lot of work!
Just Jan is refusing to be beaten by a bit of Foundation Paper Piecing...
There are many grunts and groans to be heard as she progresses.. it's all very amusing!... though she most likely wouldn't agree.. ha ha ha
Christabelle made this fabulous patchwork Elephant using a pattern from a magazine... I had a brilliant idea...
wouldn't he just look fabulous made from Crumbs!!!
So Christabelle... we will start waiting now! 

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me encanta el elefante :)