Sunday 29 March 2015

Stitching News

Jeanette Milly provided us with quite a WOW moment...
Bargello quilts never fail to impress our eyes do they?
This isn't the whole quilt it's a WIP... Work In Progress.
This lovely quilt also belongs to Jeanette Milly...
it's huge and will be machine quilted with shadow quilting following the patchwork design... a very popular method that most of us can do successfully, have you tried it?
Brenda Barbara's Denim Circle picnic quilt is getting larger...
It's been made with 9-Patch units so the decision on the final size can wait.
This is a great way to use up jeans that shrunk in the wardrobe!
Joan The Shop is working on her commission project.
6 quilted Kaleidoscope block cushions and they are looking great.
Each one has it's very own zip with a perfectly positioned and co-ordinating flap
This is another of Longport Lynda's projects... She had acquired a Strip Roll... like a Jelly Roll but from a different company... and decided to make up this design after seeing it in a Jelly Roll pattern book. It's lap size now and it waiting to be sandwiched.
Left over from another project, these Art Gallery, silky soft fabrics have been patched together by Longport Lyna... they will be made into cushions soon enough...
and each will have it's very own zip!
Longport Lynda.. again!!!
She acquired 'one of those piles if little bits you can get'... 

She meant those little 2 1/2" squares that Moda started to do a while ago... unimpressed with it, Lynda made a cushion front.

and.... Longport Lynda.. again!!!
This Advent Tree is almost finished... the binding is pinned in place ready for hand stitching in front of the TV. I had forgotten about this project and, as it is fabulous, we will have another workshop so more of you can make it... 

on Saturday 15th August... just so you know.
Can you believe it... Longport Lynda.. yet again!!!
Slightly different from Bonnie's pattern of Chunky Churndash and looking great.
This is also ready and waiting to be made into a sandwich... Longport Lynda will be all tooted out by the time all of her WIP's are finished! 
This one is Christabelle... lovely, funky fabrics and colours... she's just about finished meandering around her wonderful wonky squares and has started quilting the borders... it's a long way round this quilt.

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