Thursday 20 August 2015

Stitching News

Let's start with a Toot toot toot fanfare for Rose's fabulous and finished gifting quilt... It's the Jen Kingwell pattern "What Colour Is An Elephant"... Rose added a few extra details of her own... what a lovely, lovely quilt... I absolutely love it and it's hanging in my shop for two weeks if you would like to see it for your very own self.
I had to take a picture of the back of Rose's quilt so that you could see the fabulous quilting she stitched... Using fusible, tear away stabiliser (available in my very own shop don't you know!!) Rose drew her pictures, pressed the stabiliser in place, stitched on the stabiliser then tore it away... genius!!
Princess Jackie, our first prize winning applique quilter is taxing her very own self with a bit of tricky piecing... getting the seams on angles to match up can be frustrating but, she did it... top tips were available of course!!
Giggly Gillian wanted to make a quick and girly, gifting quilt. 20cm of 5 different fabrics makes a great little quilt top in a 5 by 7 setting with 6" blocks... easy, girly and lovely..., just the ticket! This quilt could be finished Lick-etty-split!...
After changing plans a bit last week, Gail is on a roll with her little Churndash blocks, they are all finished... Gail was "thanking goodness" about that, whoever he is? Setting the blocks On-Point helped Gail get to the right size for her kiddy quilt.
We had a new lady join us, Mary... she's been a shop customer for a while and she wanted to learn how to make our fabulous quilted bottle bags... great for gifting a bottle of anything! She makes Apricot Brandy... ooooh how lovely! She learned lots of top tips making this beauty.
Jean Bean is working on her commission quilt. She's made this one Lick-etty-split... as you can see she'd already adding her famous flange!! There are loads of customers adding Jean's flange to their projects... just because they love saying the word flange!! ha ha ha

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