Sunday 13 December 2015

Stitching News

Merrily finished her Snowdrop cushion, toot toot toot... There are some tricky angles to stitch using a double needle but, as you can clearly see... Merrily did a smart job... she's used the Clover bias tape before. A fabulous finish Merrily...
and how lovely to see a snowdrop already!
Josie spent her class choosing and adding borders to her festive cushion front.... she had been inspired by PM Pam's cushion recently, Josie will be making more than one of these... maybe a whole set!
Stitching at the speed of light, almost... Jeannette Dilly completed her festive cushions too. Also inspired by a cushion PM Pam made... the one with the Snowman in the corner. Toot toot toot Jeannette, fabulous finishes.
Farmer Lynda steadily stitched the afternoon away... she's quilting each block before joining them together, appartmently. There'll be a few different quilting styles used... Ooooo, PMS... Go Lynda... Pleasing My Self is a wonderful thing!!
Stephanie Iceland popped in to show us her versions of the Snowman cushions it's this one, Frosty Friend if you missed it. Aren't they adorabubble!
Toot toot toot Stephanie, finished and fabulous!
I thought you might like to see one of my Beatrice Pinafores...
this is my second one now. I used Moda Colour Weave fabric and its ever so lovely as an apron. See the pretty little bias binding on the pockets...
because I cut the strips too narrow.... hey ho.... I Love It!
Most of us are finishing off projects and winding down in readiness for sewing prevention season.... including me this year!! My lovely little fabric store will be closing soon for two weeks!!! Saturday the 19th December is our last day and we will be re-opening on Monday January 4th. 
As always though... if you need anything... just call me or email and we can make a date. I will meet you in my wonderful shop... I can't / won't be responsible for the stopping of any production. ha ha ha

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