Saturday 28 May 2016

Friday Quilt Club

Friday Quilt Club? It's not a Quilt Club as such, you don't have to be a member or anything... It's just a lovely way to spend a Friday, you do have to book a table, but that's easy to do... 10am until 3pm stitching with like minded people. You just bring your project and stitching paraphernalia (what an absolutely fab-u-lous word!!) set yourself up, get a little advice or help if you need it, then... sew, sew, sew!!

Longport Lynda treated herself to a day at Friday Quilt Club. She had a piece of Linen that she wanted to embroidery wonderful words on to, to then turn into a gifting cushion. A few ideas were discussed then, after a bit of pondering, she made this cushion front and went home to do the hand stitched embroidery

Claire used the opportunity to cut our her Beatrice Pinafore
This is my wonderful Art Gallery, 100% Cotton Deni
m in Scarlet Brick
oh boy, oh boy,, oh boy... is it ever wonderful!! 
Claire is going to line her pinafore with a Moda, French General red print
Claire also needed a little help to get her started on Free Motion stitching with her darning foot. Free motion embroidery is a great way to start. The little birds on the right were the practice piece, It didn't actually take Claire many minutes for her to move on to the main project... Boom... an expert already!
Sandwich Saturdays are very popular... it's much easier to pin baste your quilt sandwiches up on my tables... Rose needed a sandwich Saturday and I don't have one soon enough... I am an enabler!!! I'm here to aid and encourage your stitchy addictions!!! So...We made a Friday afternoon quilt sandwich, after the Friday Quilt Club ladies had packed up and gone.
Rose can crack on with her quilting over the upcoming Bank Holiday break.

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