Thursday 19 May 2016

Twiddle, Fiddle Or Fidget Quilts?

It doesn't really matter what we call them does it, at the end of the day, they are for twiddling and fiddling with. 
Dementia and/or Alzheimer sufferers have restless hands and lap size activity quilts can provide good sensory and tactile stimulation. 
Just Edna made a Fiddle Quilt and brought in in to show us before sending it to it's new home. Isn't it brilliant. The things Edna stitched on have inspired us... a key on knotted string, a luggage label, lots of buttons all different sizes and colours. A piece of cord with beads threaded on, press-studs, textured ribbons, a piece of elastic, even a knitted egg cosy! We are all very keen to make a few of these. Most of us had heard of the twiddle blankets but now we have a quilters version... we are going on a mission.
PM Pam's started hers. Apparently colourful is good and these Crumbs and Mile-A-Minute blocks are certainly colourful!!! All the seam bumps and strange shapes will be great for wandering fingers. Pam's got a plethora of bits and bobs that she's gong to stitch on... I will show you when it's finished... won't I Pam? This is a clickable link to take you to an informative blog with lots more ideas, just incase you are tempted to get making a fiddle, twiddle quilt or two. I'm sure to be adding more pictures as folk bring their little quilted fun things... hopefully with more  ideas for you.
You know that box of 'doo-dads' you've been saving?... THIS is what you were saving them for!!!
You can drop your quilts at my shop if you like, we will get them delivered to the right people.

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celia ambrose said...

This is the best one I have seen! Lovely finish! Hope others will make these for the people in their lives that have this disease.