Friday, 18 November 2016

Stitching News

PM Pam arrived and immediately shopped for fabrics... she was on a mission to Quilt In A Day... I love a lady on a mission!! ha ha ha... and she did it. This quilt needs 5 x 20cm WOF (Width Of Fabric) strips plus borders wadding and backing....  It's a Licketty-Split project and will be finished in good time, Those babies keep on coming!

Gail spent her morning quilting the Jelly Roll Sampler, and chatting of course.
Later, she packed it away to make a start on her Crown of Thorns tester blocks... this is one of our ideas and we shall play more when there are more HST's (Half Square Triangles) which won't be long as Gail's making them with the 8 at a time method.

Princess Jackie has gone off on a tangent... there are lots of projects being worked on, we've seen them for our very own selves and now... she started  this new one... we can't keep up with Jackie... as we have come to expect of a first prize winning quilter... it's looking fabulous. 

And now... it is with a heavy heart that I feel must tell you all...
I have had an enormous amount of fabric filled boxes delivered this week!!!
If you come to my shop, please be very careful that you don't crash into the trolleys, boxes and general shop stuff... I might have to lock the door to stop those delivery men from getting in with more boxes... except there's one coming today... but that will be thread only. I lied about the heavy heart... My heart is jumping with much excitement really!!! ha ha ha but It must stop... all this fabric ordering I mean... I think I have a 'just one last more' problem... 

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