Sunday, 20 November 2016

Stitching News

My Mum Gwynneth made this, most beautiful cushion.
This design could make a lovely wall hanging too.
Can you see the little colour detail in those border strips?
It's fabulous and finished, so you know what to do... toot toot toot!

All Day Di is having so much fun making her calendar blocks.
She says she could sit stitching applique all day, every day...
Yup... she's called All Day Di for many reasons! ha ha ha 

Sally Snow braved snowy weather to join us for Friday Quilt Club... she knew the snow would be gone by hometime and she really wanted to finish her quilt top... which is lovely. Sally purchased a kit to make it, quite a long time ago.

Margaret purchased these picture panels online somewhere, I think they were bedding as the fabric weave is very tight, tricky to pin too! One 'bang on trend', Deer sandwich made and ready for quilting, no salad though haha ha

I know... I was only just showing you that 1st prize winning quilter, Princess Jackie had started another lovely applique project and on Sandwich Saturday she came to make her sandwich... Burning Midnight oil??? she must be drinking it!!
So now...
I would like to say "THANK YOU very much". Thank you for coming to shop with me.
I have actually managed to find a space for all the new fabrics having had you visit and empty lots of Bitty Bolts... I've had to have a bit of a 'move round' though, so you probably won't be able to find anything next time you come... ha ha ha.
Christmas themed fabric is now right there... by the door... almost the first thing you might see... very very easy to find and that seems to be what folk are looking for at the moment... oh... hang on for just one minute... go on then... if you empty a bolt of Christmas Themed fabric... I will take 10% off the piece price for you... Boom!!!

It's not a SALE... it's an OPPORTUNITY!!!

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