Monday 6 February 2017

Stitching News

Josie has been wanting to have a go with her 60 degree triangle for a while. A few months ago she played with scraps to understand how it works and what would be needed in the accuracy and pinning department... she put herself off!!! ha ha, but... in class last week, she committed, she purchased, she cut, stitched and cut again... and she's feeling confident and happy.

Our Sheila is hand piecing. She's using beautiful Batik fabrics with solid black fabric which is making all those lovely, scrumptious Batik colours 'pop'. Did you know how easy it is to undo a hand pieced seam? Sheila knows!! ha ha ha The triangles just have to be the right way up!

 Luna Lena is making a tote bag. She's using In R Form as the wadding and she's decided to stitch around the pin cushion Strawberries to give them definition, ALL of them!... and it works, they pop up lovelilly! I wonder whether she will quilt around all of the other sewing notions?

Farmer Lynda is making a large Quick Table Topper. When it came to the edge trimming she was amazed with her very own self... all the edges were straight... Of course we knew they would be. She spent the rest of the class quilting this.

Brenda Duck chose to make a quilt like one on my classroom wall.
It's the one called Tutti Fruiti, there's a picture on my right side bar.
I came up with the simple plan of action...
Braking the project down to two basic blocks... to make it look easy
Which it is... sometimes we make the thinking hard work don't we?
See now...Two weeks later and Brenda Duck is making great progress
You know how to eat an elephant don't you?
One bite at a time!!

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