Sunday, 26 February 2017

Stitching News

Brenda Duck had finished stitching her backing together and, as most ladies played safe and chose to stay home while Doris passed through, there was space enough to make a quick sandwich. Brenda is going to quilt with diagonal lines... in my quirky way... I will show you once shes done.

Annbacan needed to lay out her family hands to choose placement for the sashing and corner stone fabrics... It all got pinned to a bed sheet so that she can't possibly mix them up as she sews... but, after only a little stitching I heard her say... "Two reds together? How's that happened" ha ha ha

Monday Sheila made a quilt sandwich with her Hidden Wells quilt. This will take pride of place on Sheila's sofa... once she has quilted it of course. She chose a fabulous variegated thread which will be used on the bobbin as well... smart!

As our BOM (Block of the month) comes to an end, the ladies are starting to lay out the blocks. Most have decided to quilt each block individually and to join them 'appartment-y' so we were choosing backing and sashing fabrics, Norma chose the lovely blue... it happened to be from my Temptation Trolley!

Spying opportunity to lay out blocks, Annbacan also chose her backing and sashing fabrics ... I think it's safe to say that all the ladies got a little excited about finishing the project... Sheila too but I missed the opportunity to snap a picture 

Caravanning season it almost here... All Day Di will be first to leave us for a few weeks and she needed a new project to play with while she's away on her jollies... we took a very long time to choose the perfect fabrics for Di... we do that a lot... you need to love what you're making!!!

Today is Sunday Sewing- Patchwork Party Day... 
20 ladies are joining me this time... 
Who would have thought that so many would want to spend a day with me in a village hall with other like minded people... laughing and chatting and stitching and snipping?
And I had a waiting list of people that we just couldn't fit in!!!...
Yeeeha... I better go get my stuff ready!
Mug?... yes, I need to remember to pack my mug! ha ha ha

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