Monday 15 May 2017

A Mixed Bag...

Alison's first quilt.. Not only does it qualify for a fabulous and finished fanfare... it is just massive... my picture doesn't give you any idea of how large the quilt is, you will have to take it from me... Toot toot toot Alison.. an amazing, giant-or-mouse  job.

And this is the back of Alison's quilt...
with a  ladder of loveliness!

It's fabric in-trolley time again... all the companies gang up and send delivery after delivery of things I forgot about ordering, all at the very same time.... These, from Makower UK are fabulous... I ordered extra of the top fabric.... I don't want to ever, ever, ever run out of it!!!

Beautiful Batiks from Moda
And they play so well with the Makower animals

We had a Kate Tunic making day on Saturday. Now that was a fun day!!!
Overlockers are great for finishing off all the seams so, as my customer service has a wonderful reputation, I figure I should have a new overlocker for the Tunic makers to use!!! There you go, my new toy purchase excused!!! I did it for my reputation!!!

Not many pictures have been taken by the perfectly purple camera this week.
We've had a lot of fun and there's been a lot of creativity in my very own shop...
This is a what I have been up to in  My Quilty Quarters....
doesn't look much but it is such fun playing!!!

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