Wednesday 6 September 2017

Let's Catch Up...

Sporty Sue finished her wonderful Trip Around The World top and made a sandwich just before the Bank Holiday Week(end) She's been busily quilting it... It's a long way around the world you know!! each circuit getting a lot longer than the last

Luna is making Christmas gifts. A lovely table mat and runner set all expertly quilted and perfectly co-ordinated... A Charm Pack will help with that! Don't you love that striped fabric?? I know I do. I collect stripy fabric in my shop so you can have lots to choose from. And lets not mention my spots!! Toot toot toot Luna, Four Fabulous Finishes!

Christie started piecing Pineapple Blocks on the Thursday and thoroughly enjoyed making them. She was so impressed with her very own self that she popped back on the Friday to buy another amazing kit of fabrics to make another load of fabulous Pineapple Blocks... exactly the same, but completely different.

And while Christie was choosing her next fabric kit, I got out my perfectly purple camera to get a shot of Christies Fabulous and Finished beginner cushion... toot toot toot... 
Just Edna has laboured over all of the arcs for this quilt... winced over the Melons and all of the pins too. She was dreading putting all the blocks together... but, after a few top tips had been devoured... she got it done Lick-etty-split. Edna amazed her very own self with the speed of putting at all together. Isn't it fabulous!!! The backing is ready for the sandwich too.

LouLou arrived on a mission... A gifting pillow was needed and it was needed now!! She knew exactly what the plan was, had all the fabrics chosen from her very own stash, which has been created from my very own shop stash! She got it finished in the one day, complete with a zipped back. Toot toot toot LouLou, it is an amazingly Fast and Fabulous Finish!!!

Susan's gifting chest (as in drawer) is empty. She likes to have a few handmade and useful things in her chest... like a very own gift shop, open all days and open all hours. It's not empty any more... there are new Bendy Bags!! toot toot toot Susan, Fabulous and finished Bendy Bags, my favourite!

Lynn popped into my shop for the first time. Declared how fabulous it is (and we all agreed!!!) Got her very own self all excited... booked a class for the very same afternoon and went home happy. She returned with piles! Piles and piles of fabrics and stitched blocks that she had been playing with... but didn't know where to go from there. Oh my... she went home with a quilt top!

Princess Jackie was working on her Hidden Wells project. She is an award wining, first prize actually, applique quilt maker and is determined to bring her piecing skills up to the same level... I must admit, she's already cracked it! Just look at those fabrics and colours! All from my very own shop!!! so I am really helping... he he he
There you go, all up to date with the few pictures I have. Except for one lady with one special project... I will do a separate post for that... A-M-A-Zing!

We have a Sunday Sewing Patchwork Party this weekend. You might not believe it is possible but we are all very excited about it... we love to have a great, full, long day to socially sew while other people sort out our refreshments and lunch!!! ha ha ha

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