Sunday, 24 September 2017

Stitching News

Fiona Too was being extremely thrifty...  She spent careful time trimming her wadding without cutting her backing fabric, then trimmed the overhanging backing fabric to be the same width all the way around... then spent ages double folding and pinning it over on the front... It's much easier to buy a bit more fabric for a 'normal' binding and after all this work, Fiona agreed. ha ha ha

Enid has stepped outside of the box with her quilting...
It looks great too... I hope you can see it in my picture
Oh boy how I love her fabric choices.

This is Jean Bean making a sandwich... right at the end of the day there were just enough tables to pin it ... though in two halves... The quilting design and thread colour has been decided and stitching will commence tomorrow... Unless we have another Manic Monday in her shop.

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